Friday, January 18, 2013


A few significant events have happened around here since I last posted.

Okay, it's been more than a few. 

Fundamentally, not much is new. We're still ranching in the same place and have the same four kids. 

Those kids are now taller.


One of them graduated from the eighth grade, started high school, and now has a driver's license.


We bought some property in the Missouri River Breaks.


Most recently, we got broadband Internet through fiber optic cable, which makes blogging (and checking the weather and markets) a much less painful experience.

With a better Internet connection, our 15-year-old has been able to post his newest video project. He is enrolled in videography in 4-H, and he has made a couple of harvest videos in the past. His latest project, which you can see below, is about shipping calves. He has become an agvocate, promoting what we do and how we do it to those who might not understand. We're looking forward to what he will produce in the future.

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