Monday, October 17, 2011

Mountain Ride

I grew up in mountain country.


This was the view out my bedroom window at home. 

When I got married and moved 80 miles north, the mountains became a distant memory. In this Breaks country, the hills are inside out.


And while it's beautiful, it's just not the same.


The smells, the sounds, and the sky are different. 


So when I had the chance to help a friend gather cattle in the mountains last week, I jumped at it, even though the cattle were all yearlings. 

Gathering yearlings is similar to eating Jell-O with a toothpick. 


They have no clear sense of direction, and they have two gears: stop and go.


But nothing could keep me from enjoying my day in the mountains, especially since it was the same mountain range where I grew up.


Although I didn't pack a camera with me in the saddle, I did have one in the pickup, and I used a cell phone to snap a few pictures along the way.

Mostly, though, I was occupied trying to keep 138 heifers from bolting back into the timber.


My husband and his new horse, Jasper, were busy as well, along with the rest of the friends and neighbors that gathered on a beautiful fall day to tackle the task at hand.


It was a beautiful day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Really Good Reason for my Blogging Absence

This blog has been neglected for nine months, but I have a good excuse.

No, really.

Not only did I assume the role of the hired hand during calving and ride herd over the four kiddos all summer, but I also finished a project long overdue.

I'm sharing it here first:

My very first book, Down a Dirt Road: Reflections of a Farm Wife is now available. It contains 50 of my most popular columns as well as dozens of original photos spanning from my childhood to the present. 

You can order your copy by clicking here or by following the link on the upper right of this page. Within a few days, you can also order from

And now that it's finished, you can look forward to more frequent blog entries (it shouldn't be difficult to top two or three a year!). 

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