Monday, October 4, 2010



Weather has made farm life quite challenging in the past few months, but we managed to finish harvest thanks to our friends Lee and Dana Petersen, who have been coming here to harvest for 11 years. They have a great crew, and with the help of our friend Sam from Virginia and our employee Jeremy, we brought a bountiful harvest in from the field before the snow flew.



Since harvest was later than usual, I took more photos at night than I have in previous years, and I also caught some interesting clouds as we dodged storms throughout the harvest season.





Like every harvest, this one had its fair share of mishaps.


But we kept smiling and enjoyed our time together.



Out here, you make sure you don't fall asleep on the job since the edge of the field leads to a bit of a ditch.


But it makes for a beautiful work environment.


It even makes it worth living here. . . where it snows in the middle of September.






Sarah said...

Hello. I am an Illinois farm girl who some how stumbled upon your blog! I have enjoyed reading about your family and your daily life. We raise hogs and grain farm. So even though we live in different states, raise different animals, and NEVER have snow in September:):),our life exsperiances are a lot alike. My favorite time is harvest and I LOVE your pictures!

RockWallaby said...

Now that is quite a ditch!

Beautiful photos. Love seeing your side of the world. You're already getting snow, is that 'normal'? Pleased your harvest has gone well.

We're enjoying a beautiful start to Spring downunder.


Star said...

Oh so happy to hear from you. I was getting worried, and was about to write, but decided you all probably were swamped with harvest, and so it was. The photos are lovely as usual, thanks!
Snow in September? Heck, when I came back to visit my aunt and uncle in Great Falls, it snowed on me once in June!
Welcome back!
Here's a glimpse into my (urban) world:
Ciao! Star

Anonymous said...

I have missed you farm and kids news. I know the kids are growing very fast and the farm has kept you busy.

Michelle said...

Amazing pictures! Sounds like you had a great harvest, always a blessing. Snow in!

Ashley L said...

Thanks for this post.....I enjoyed it!

Star said...

Missin' ya!...Hope all is well, that you're just busy, and that we'll be getting Xmas updates, soon. Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
P.S., the word verification was funny, today: "vacitaci". Split into "vaci...taci," unintentionally, in Italian, it would have been "GO THERE! SHUT UP!"

Star said...

Missin' ya! Thought of you when I was doing my "Milan Monday" post on my needlepoint blog for today, so I created a needlepoint/cross-stitch diagram out of my photo of a female personification of Bounty, or Good Harvest, in which the figure has a sheaf of grain in her arms. I think it would make a GREAT cushion for any grain farmer's house (though finding the time to do it is another matter). In case you're interested, here is the link (cut and paste it into your browser):
Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Serene New Year to us all.

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