Friday, May 14, 2010


This has been an exceptionally busy spring. We managed to sneak in the first mowing of the year before we were hit by a spring blizzard. After a week of snow and cold, spring has returned to our area, and the grass is growing so fast you can almost see it jump.

With all the spring work that we are trying to squeeze in while the weather allows, we don't have a lot of spare time to spruce up the place.


In times like these, I'm glad we have a mowing service available.


Granted, they're not the most professional service around.


They work odd hours, and they've been known to leave some debris in their wake.


They take lots of breaks.


But when they're at work, they are all business.


They display great teamwork skills.


And as a bonus, they serve as wonderful lawn ornaments.



Dawn said...

Gorgeous horses! Are they yours?

Debbie said...

Great pictures, Erin; especially the last. That's worth framin'!
We just have the old kind of mower, but then we don't have room for one of these. Darnit!

Paula Glover said...

Beautiful horses. I wondered at first what you meant by lawn mowers. In the established farms here in Kansas, we use the traditional riding lawn mowers, and all summer you see young kids out mowing the lawn. It's their first experience on a tractor!

Heather in ND said...

Got the same kind of mowers around here!

Christi said...

Beautiful pictures!! What kind of camera do you use? I am looking at a new camera and am always interested in what other people have and like.

prashant said...

Gorgeous horses!
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photos of your horses!

Dawn said...

Been missing your posts. Hope you are having a good summer.

And, hope you start writing again!

Be blessed!

Cheyenne said...

Your pictures are beautiful-horses too.

Rhonda Moon said...

Beautiful pictures!!

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