Monday, February 8, 2010

What I've Been Writing

I'm not an HBO subscriber, but I made an exception this month so we could watch the film "Temple Grandin."

It was worth the $15.

Riley has watched it three times. He wants everyone he knows to watch it.

You can read my take on it by clicking here.


Boo's Mom said...

I enjoyed your touching, thought provoking take on the HBO Temple Grandin show and on your son and your family. Raising children is never easy. When there are additional challenges such as autism, people who do so well as you and your husband are and as Ms. Grandin's mother did, are to be envied. Someday the only differences we will find "weird" are those that result in mean, petty, narrow minded people. All the rest of us will accept and celebrate each other wherever we fall on that vast autism spectrum that is the human condition.

Mama Koch said...

We also watched the HBO show (several times) and was facinated with her abilities.
I love how determined she was to make a different and how she was not afraid to express herself.
Definitely a show that everybody needs to watch..not only for the autism subject, but for people to realize that we don't all learn the same and some of us are more special than others.

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