Saturday, February 20, 2010

Positive Thinking

Our first calf was born last night. Rather than choosing the pile of straw next to a windbreak, or the shelter of the barn, the first-time mama selected a pile of snow as her birthing bed. 

The calf was hastily relocated to a warmer environment, but the same scenario is bound to play out over and over again in the next few weeks. Snowbanks are plentiful, and cows with common sense are in short supply.

But I've never been one to dwell on the negative, so I thought I'd brainstorm some positive aspects of snow.


This snowbank has been the dominant feature of our backyard since early December. We have given up our attempts to shovel through it. Now we just walk over it. On the bright side, we no longer have to use our gate. We can just walk over the fence.


Another benefit to having your own personal glacier in your backyard is that the children no longer require a slide.


They don't even have to wait in line; the snowbank is so long that they can each have their own personal sliding area. When they are finished, they can spend the rest of the day tunneling into the bank to make their own igloo. Who needs video games?


Prolonged snowcover brings out the creative abilities of the children as well. Snowmen went out of style back in December. Now we're moving on to creations like this snow dinosaur.


Moving the snow so we can access our cattle chute and corrals is a crucial task, and as luck would have it, the resulting pile creates the perfect vantage point for taking aim.


Taking aim is especially important when your enemy is of the preschool variety. 


Those little buggers can be tricky targets.


Mum-me said...

The snow looks so pretty, and lots of fun, but I'm glad it's there and not here.

Dawn said...

That is some of the whitest snow I've ever seen. And to think I've been whining about the rainy, 40-degree days we've had.

Looks like all are having some... except maybe the preschool targets.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

While most of the country is dealing with snow, we are having beautiful sunshiny days. Today was 63..... on the OREGON COAST!!! that's summer weather!
Instead of climbing snowbanks, we walked the beach and built sandcastles today. And the sunset was the best!

My children are still praying for some snow before winter is over though. I'm not sure if they'll get it.

Pony Girl said...

Do you live at a ski resort?? ;)
That bank is so perfect for kids....short enough they can't get much speed, but surely providing hours of fun!
We've had NO snow this year, sniff! I am very jealous of yours!!

Anonymous said...

Erin, that looks just like our yard! Janie has the same coat as Anna!

prashant said...

The snow looks so pretty
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