Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ever Feel Like You Are Being Watched?

Do you ever have that eerie feeling . . . like someone is watching you?


These days, I feel that way every time I go out to check for new calves. It's especially eerie at midnight.

I'm hoping it's the same feeling that the Humane Society of the United States is experiencing right now after the establishment of It's a new website designed to provide transparency into the wealthiest animal rights activist group in the world.

HSUS is a group that needs watching. By misleading people into thinking they are protecting abandoned pets and running shelters, using the "Humane Society" name that is linked to many shelters across the U.S., this organization has raised incredible amounts of cash. (Click here for more info.)

But the fact of the matter is that HSUS is not supporting shelters. They are not affiliated with your local shelter. This is an activist group committed to lobbying and litigating in order to end animal agriculture in the U.S.

I encourage you to support your local shelter if you feel so moved. I also encourage you to stop supporting any group or business that donates to HSUS.

Now I'm going to climb down from my soapbox and go check the cows.


Mum-me said...

You're a brave woman to go amongst those huge animals at midnight. (Yes, I'll admit it - I am scared of cows ... and horses. Lovely to look at if they're on the other side of a fence, or in a photo.)

Anonymous said...

I'm already with you 100% on the HSUS matter.

Susan said...

Well said, Erin.

Paula Glover said...

A) I love your sense of humor and B) You are totally right about the humane society. At least PETA is upfront about their agenda. Keep your eye on them!

Country Girl said...

Love the pic, thanks for the info!

Christi said...

Great post about the HSUS. So many people are not aware of what they really are. Glad you're getting the word out there!

Just joined--I love your blog!

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