Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Tale Of 40 Roosters

The tale of 40 roosters begins last June with the arrival of two cheeping boxes at the local post office.

The little cheepers numbered 50 in all, the idea being that approximately half of them would become the new flock of laying hens and the other half would become chicken dinner.

Alas, the plan went awry.

Even I, a novice chicken farmer and self proclaimed chicken hater, could see that the math was not quite working out 50/50. In fact, by the time July rolled around, I was guessing the male/female ratio to be right around four to one.

The final rooster count was 40, and a tale of 40 roosters and 13 hens has only one possible ending.

And so it happened that I broke my vow to never, ever pluck a chicken.

Sadly enough, one of the children grabbed my camera and documented the events. 

As unfortunate as that was for me, I must admit it was even more unfortunate for this obnoxious rooster who was introduced to the chopping block.

The camera didn't seem to bother my girl, though. She was busy at the plucking table. 

The chicken farmer of the family had no qualms about the gutting process and dove right into the body cavity.

And so ends the tale of 40 roosters, which is the second installment of Backwards Blogging

Prologue: In case you were worried about the fate of Riley's egg business, rest assured that he has acquired more hens from a generous friend who ordered pullets this spring. The nests are yielding nearly a dozen a day, and production is expected to double within a few weeks.


Mum-me said...

My mum used to complain that every time she let one of her hens sit it was just about guaranteed that she would hatch more boys than girls. This brings back bad memories of my parents culling the rooster population in their backyard chook pen. I refused to eat chicken for several months after those events. Looks like your children won't be as squeamish as I was!

threecollie said...

LIke your new template....and the happy ending of this story will be some really nice dinners I'll bet.

Dawn said...

Ahh... some days our lives are so similar. And then some days, not so much! LOL

So are you having chicken instead of turkey for Thanksgiving?

Love the new look. Be blessed!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

wow, i can't believe that you ended up with that many roosters! I've never bought that many at one time but when we bought 6 chicks (hoping that they would all turn out to be hens) we had to rename Heidi... she became Henry!. So I guess 1 out of 6 isn't bad, right?

Henry is now in my Dad's freezer waiting to provide us with a yummy roast chicken dinner.. ha ha.

Plucking is the worse job of all! yuck!

Melody said...

When we slaughter the extra roosters (and old hens) I make gallons of broth and can it. It makes the winter much nicer to have homemade chicken noodle soup readily available. But even I would admit that that's a LOT of canning!

Jenny said...

Wow! You are WAY more farm woman than I am! I might attempt to raise the chickens someday, but I don't think I would ever pluck one.

I LOVE the new layout!!! Very nice!! Makes me want to do something to mine...but I just don't have that kind of talent!

Fiona Lake said...

Stumbled on your blog today and really enjoyed it - and great to see people being practical about food, and raising kids to be that way. Stuck a link to your blog on my website (in Australia). (Google Fiona Lake cattle stations, if you'd like to check it out).
Best wishes for Christmas, Fiona Lake

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