Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pink Piggy Party Pictures

My baby is four. I would be concerned about that if I weren't so distracted by the fact that my oldest child is 12.

Four also happens to be one of my favorite ages, so I'm trying to enjoy the time for what it is instead of lamenting the idea of my kids growing up too fast.

It also helps to have fun parties.


This one was all about piggies.


Pink piggies, to be exact.


The guest of honor was a pink piggy pajama princess perched on a puffy pink pillow.


The main course was ham, the pink meat, with a side of mac and cheese to please the 10 and under crowd.


The cake was pink.


The presents were pink.


It was the perfect pink party for a piggy loving princess in pajamas.


Mum-me said...

Happy Birthday to the pretty pink princess piggy. Or should that be pretty piggy pinky princess? Looks like you had a lovely party. What a fun cake.

Jenni said...

Too cute!

Dawn said...

So cute! You do an awesome job with the kids' cake requests.

I don't want to scare you, but...

If you think 12 and 4 are shocking, disturbing, troubling...

Wait 'til next year when it's 13 and 5!!!

Colleen said...

So cute!!! Happy Birthday Emma Lou!

And, speaking of lamenting, may I remind you that your oldest nephew is 14. 4 plus 10. How did that happen so fast? You enjoy 4 while I lament 14. ;)

Susan said...

Great job, Erin. We also had ham and mac n cheese for Raeann's birthday dinner. The girls have yummy taste!!

Melody said...

Girls at 4-5 years always need a pink party.
When they're 14, it can be green and blue, for all they care, if there are dragons...and a boy or two.

Jenny said...

so cute!! Happy birthday to your 4 year old baby!! (my baby will be 4 in a couple of weeks. sniff, sniff!!)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Such a cute pinky pretty 4 yr old! Adorable cake!!!

BUSH BABE said...

My baby is nearly FIVE. You are right, four is a great age. I adore your pink pig par-tay... lovely work, Mum!!

ChyCohMommy said...

I LOVE it! My "piggy princess" is turning four in March and has requested a "fancy pink piggy" party. :)

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