Monday, November 16, 2009

Backwards Blogging: Part 1

Having become a slacker blogger, I have trouble knowing where to start when I decide it's finally time to do a new post. I usually take a look at my photo files to remember what we've been up to lately, but I've been slacking so badly that I now have six months of events and activities that have gone unblogged.

Instead of reaching back to May for a blog update, I'm introducing a new concept that should suit slacker bloggers like me: Backwards Blogging.

I'll start with a more recent event and then work my way backwards through the summer. That way, we can all enjoy green grass and flowers when the temperature is dipping below freezing.


Speaking of freezing, the first installment in the Backwards Blogging series is a trip to Yellowstone Park in October. It has taken me nearly a month to blog about this trip because it took nearly that long to recover.


This was no simple family vacation to a national park. This was a trip with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders called "Expedition: Yellowstone!"


For four days, the kids and their chaperons stayed at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch in Wyoming.

The excursion included hiking, wildlife viewing, classes about ecology and geology, scientific testing of hot springs, freezing in the wind and snow, and a vicious outbreak of Influenza A that left most of the kids feverish, coughing, and nauseous for the duration of the trip.

Despite my official role as Dr. Mom, I enjoyed the time in Yellowstone.


We saw geysers


geyser basins




hot springs


hot spring terraces


and so many buffalo that I never even photographed one. In fact, during the final night in the cabins, an entire herd moved through the camp. I could have reached out my cabin window and petted one. We could hear every sniff and snort as they grazed between the cabins, and at that point I decided that tent camping in Yellowstone would not be on my list of fun things to do.


We also saw elk, especially in the towns through which we passed on our way to and from the camp. The elk prefer the green grass of the city lawns to the rough country crawling with wolves and grizzlies. They also pose nicely for people hanging out of vehicle windows taking drive-by photographs.

As field trips go, this was an exceptional one. Coming home with a very sick child and arriving to find three additional sick children was not, in fact, fun. But, thanks to this Backwards Blogging idea, I can now blog about the trip, share some scenery, and report that all's well in the house once more.


Debbie said...

I usually really enjoy your blog, but since you've changed your backrground color, I can see the pictures, but cannot read your comments. Is it my computer? I haven't had this problem on any other blog. Has anyone else commented on this?
Thanks, Deb

Debbie said...

PS Erin, I apologize. Everything seems to be fine now. Have no idea what was wrong, but I can read it now.

Dawn said...

Wow... the expedition sounds fun - minus the flu, of course. When it comes to being sick, there's nothing worse than being sick away from home except maybe that and then coming home to more sick.

Glad you're all well. I've missed your blogging (but can't complain too much as I've been ignoring my blog, too) and I'm glad you're back.


Mum-me said...

I think the scenery was wonderful, but the camp full of sick children sounds awful.

So did you reach out and pat the buffalo? Are buffalo also called bison?

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Liesl

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

You didnt reach out and pet a buffalo when ya had the chance???

Love the new look! Beauitiful pics!

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