Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rounding The Corner

Today marks an important occasion: selling and shipping the calves.


As the cows rounded the corner toward home, I realized that we're rounding a corner, too. Today we're transitioning into the next year in the cattle business. We choose a group of female calves to keep, and in another year they will replace older cows that have reached the end of their careers.

The cows will transition through this weaning time and then begin their winter regimen of hay, enjoying a few months without a calf at their side.

The weather is transitioning, too. Not long ago, we were suffering through a hot spell. Now we've had a few snowy days, and today was a reminder of what a chilly fall wind feels like.

We're coming around the bend in parenting as well. I no longer tote a diaper bag, everyone sleeps through the night regularly, and I have become the baby snatching lady at church.

Rounding the corner. . . the only challenge is trying to figure out what it is we'll find there.


RockWallaby said...

Can relate to "baby-snatching" Erin!
With my baby now five, I find myself racing up and down the aisles of the grocery store hoping to catch a glimpse of a newborn I've heard cry.
Wonder when that feeling will leave?

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

From a "baby-snatcher"....its so great when you can hand that bundle of sweetness back and then get to sleep through the nite yourself!!! lol

Life is one transition upon another!

Dawn said...

I'm beyond the baby-snatcher days and just looking forward to the grandparenting days! (But not too soon since I only have teens! Ha!)

Jenny said...

This last spring I became diaperbag-less and it feels GREAT!! LOL! However, I haven't resorted to babysnatching yet (then again, I'm not around many babies). I'm saddened that the nursing/diaper phase of my life is over, but at the same time relieved that I get a small break from the kiddos now.

Anonymous said...

yup looks like right outside our door here in SW Montana

happy trails

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