Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Note To Self

Next year when I'm taking the "First Day of School" photos, I should remember the following:


a) Don't force the poor children to squint into the sun.


b) Convince Matthew that I said, "Say cheese," not "Be cheesy."


c) Keep in mind that sixth graders are not keen on Mom taking "First Day of School" photos (or subsequently following them to school and showing up in their classroom to take another photo with all their classmates watching).


d) Try not to think that very soon, all four will be climbing aboard the bus.

Just when they're old enough to be good farmhands, they go off to school. Something's wrong with this system.


Dawn said...

Very cute pictures - despite the squinting and cheese! LOL

Hope the school year is off to a good start for all of you.


Scrapingirl said...

Homeschool them, and they can help you and do school. A match made in Heaven.

Pony Girl said...

Hee hee! TOO cute! I love their squinting faces. What a fun outfit on your daughter! Hope you can get by without your farmhands! :)

RockWallaby said...

I'm hearing you Erin. I'll put No. 4 on the bus next year, and am dreading it. Also miss our helpers when they're not here.
Love the bus, I thought they only looked like that in the movies.

Anonymous said...

The kids have grown so much since I started reading your blog. Riley looks so tall in the pic.

Paula Glover said...

Generally, once kids get to where they CAN do the work, they don't WANT to any more ... Oh, wait, that's city kids :)

CampGuy said...

Cute pictures I bet they will be treasure for years to come.

threecollie said...

I always hated back to school. Not just missing the help although that was certainly part of it, but missing my people too. College is worse. It is wonderful to know that they are grown and ready to take on the world by themselves. And it is awful to miss them so very much. Great post!

Debbie said...

I was so glad to find your blog. I got such a kick out of the post about the kids first day back to school. Been there, done that; but still like to hear it from others.
Please visit me if you have a chance;

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I love that first day of school outfit! They're just darlin'!

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