Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back In Time

Sometimes living in Montana can be like taking a step back in time.

My cousin's recent wedding was a case in point. In the city, the bride and groom are likely to hire a limo as a means of transportation to and from their wedding. Out here, you're more likely to wave goodbye as the bride and groom look out from an old pickup truck or a horse and buggy.


In my cousin's case, it was a stage coach owned by neighboring rancher Arville Lammers. While the bride and groom were busy greeting their guests, Arville and my dad were loading up all the grandkids in the coach to go for a jaunt.


I think this is when Arville said they would wait until they had a whole load of kids before he took off.


My dad assured him that with his nine growing grandkids and one adult chaperone, the coach was about as full as it could get.


And then some.


It was a "hold onto your hat" windy summer day, but the kids had a great time.


It was a picture perfect ride.


Anonymous said...

How awesome is that?! I bet the kids had a grand 'ole time!


PS: Which one is you dad?

Mum-me said...

Oh that second last photo is pure magic!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

looks like my kind of fun!!!
those are great pictures.

jane said...

Sounds perfect to me!

Willow Tree said...

I've always wanted a ride like that. :)


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