Friday, May 29, 2009




Lately, we have been doing a lot of running


along with some jumping


and kicking.

Add to that the seeding, spraying, mowing, cow moving, gardening, pruning, and driving 60 miles away for t-ball games, and you have a very busy family.

We take moments together when possible, so a few days ago we loaded the kids in the pickup and took a little family drive. Our destination? Not a park or a campground or a movie. No Chuck E. Cheese for us. No, we went to the feedlot.

This is where our heifer calves have been for the past couple of months. They were preparing to be artificially inseminated, and we wanted to check up on them to see how they were progressing. 


I think they look homesick. 

After their date with the AI technician, they were brought home to green pastures where they can graze away the days and laugh at the rest of us running here and there trying to keep up with our overscheduled summer.


Dawn said...

I love how the cows lined up in a row to be photograpahed. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Riley sure has some long legs, how tall is he now. The kids are growing up so fast, the blog really shows it from post to post.

Kath said...

The heifers sure showed up for the photo op for you!!!

Why do we allow ourselves to be pulled every which direction all the time? Its driving me crazy so I decided I was staying home from WY this summer. I will work from home instead of a camper in the field and I will be able to plan that wedding that is determined to happen.

Mum-me said...

What well trained cows - I wish my children would line up like that when I wanted a group photo.

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