Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Skunk Is Amongst Us

There are many reasons why people prefer to live in cities rather than in the country.

Pizza delivery comes to mind. Being able to drink the water that comes out of the tap instead of hauling five gallon bottles from the town 50 miles away would certainly be an advantage. Paved streets and quick access to medical care and groceries are appealing.

This time of year, however, the first and foremost advantage of city life would have to be the fact that city folks don't have skunks lurking in the barn at night eating the calf pellets and spraying the dogs.

The skunks are hungry after their long winter's nap, and they seem to be quite prevalent this year. In fact, my father-in-law recently encountered one in an outbuilding and was brave enough to lasso it and - er - relocate it.

I'll not be doing that with our bushy tailed visitor.

But it would be nice to pet the dog without smelling like a skunk for two days afterwards.


Pony Girl said...

You can't drink the tap water? skunks hibernate? What works best to de-skunk a smelly dog?

Ann from Montana said...

Spring skunks... I haven't seen any on the road (as in road kill) yet around here.

Sorry about your water also. I have the best well water and now cannot abide other!

I have Skunk-Off neutralizer and if I spritz it on my dog's head - which is usually where they take the spray, it DOES neutralize the odor and keep it from spreading through the fur (tomato juice bath does the opposite) - but ultimately it is time for all of the smell to go away :(

Melody said...

We use a Sears reverse osmosis system. It wasn't expensive (about $200 plus about $50 for filters once a year) and makes our water bearable. We were fortunate enough to move into a country house where the previous owners had installed a Culligan system, so we knew how good water could be. But replacing the Culligan would have meant losing our firstborn, and, although he can be a pain, we kinda like him. So we went with Sears. I would recommend it; saves all the hauling.
Unless you're counting that as strength-building exercise. Then, have at it!

ranchmama said...

Hi Just stumbled across your blog, love it! We too have a skunk in the barn, the cat food disapears fast and the dog stinks.. phew!

I love you b'day cakes, I make special ones too. My youngest was excited to see the picture. I just made a wrestling mat for our oldest.. he wasn't to impressed either! Fondunt is not fun, I made a mermaid and her tail was huge!

Have a great day

Steph said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a while, but this is my first post! Our dog, along with the rest of the dogs down the road, gets skunked at least 5 times a year!

Dawn said...

Well, I live in suburbia and can still relate...

Read here:


cndymkr / jean said...

the skunks visit us here in the suburbs. They hide in the bushes and waddle out as you pass by. I must have great grubs in my backyard since they seem to hang out there at night.

Anonymous said...

Through long experience, about a gallon of tomato juice, worked through a dogs coat will pretty much kill the skunk stink, I have a large beaver pond about 200yds. away which makes a good bathtub.

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