Monday, April 27, 2009

Not A Moment Too Soon

The calves are branded, and not a moment too soon. 


Looks like May is going to come in like a lion. It's going to be a long week for the farmers who are ready to be in the fields (and the wives who live with them).


Hafts Happenings said...

Oh my goodness! what a forecast.

sariah said...

I'm sorry. I feel for ya!

Pony Girl said...

HUH? Oh no! I am finally wearing capris and going sockless again. I can't imagine getting SNOW! Weirder things have happened....but we have a pretty mild climate here. Hang in there!

Dawn said...

I'm sure you're getting tired of the winter stuff. Just keep reminding yourself that it IS much needed moisture!

Hang on - Spring IS coming!

cndymkr / jean said...

I can't believe you are still getting snow. Here in NJ we are going thru a record breaking heat wave! I'm a delicate flower and I am wilting.

Midlife Mom said...

So sorry about all that white stuff coming your way!! We just got rid of ours here in Maine a week or so ago and finally have some green grass. It was almost 90*
yesterday and is going to be down in the 20's tonight! Go figure!

Enjoyed your post about your little one telling you that supper was the very, very best! Very thought provoking post. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, now that is alot of snow!


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