Monday, April 6, 2009

The Difference Of A Day

April is a fickle month.


One day it's mud boots,


and the next day it's snow boots.


The wise rancher is well stocked with hay.

The wise mother never puts the snow gear away until May.


sariah said...

You're right. I always get antsy to get all the hats, scarves, gloves, snow boots, snowpants, mittens and parkas put away for our family of 7, because I get tired of looking at all that clutter in the mudroom. But having to haul it all back up from the basement when it snows again isn't any better! :-0

Pony Girl said...

Oh no! Not a rancher here...but I know that despite temps near 70 today, we could still get snow before the month is over. That is why I haven't packed my stuff away, LOL! I'm always cold anyway...

Ann from Montana said...

I know I'm tempting fate, but I couldn't stand the site of my entry...put all but ONE pair of gloves, boots and hats in the closet at least. And it is just me, one adult, so I can only imagine the volume for a family. Hopefully, your entry or mudroom is larger than mine :) !

And hopefully, we are at least clost to the "end"!

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