Saturday, April 18, 2009


I guess you could say that I'm a tough sale. A hard nut to crack. Stubborn, even.

Remember when I asked my faithful blog readers about tonsils and adenoids?

I read each comment.

I valued each opinion.

I received emails, phone calls, and more advice than I could process, and it was nearly unanimous: yank 'em out.

So what did I do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I didn't call the ENT and schedule surgery. I didn't block out a week in my day planner to devote to the procedure and recovery. Instead, I decided to wait. If we could just hold out until the end of cold and flu season, I reasoned, maybe she would outgrow her tendency to acquire an ear infection with every stinking cold she catches.

And what, pray tell, did I get for my reasoning, my wait and see philosophy, and my stubborn dismissal of the perfectly valid advice of many others?

A little girl with an "ouchie ear" who allowed me only 30 minutes of sleep last night, a trip to the ER today, yet another round of antibiotics which will be followed by intestinal upset, and a headache.

I guess you could say that I am now convinced (and feeling rather sheepish about allowing my baby girl to go through another round of infection because of my hesitation to follow good advice).


Dawn said...

Oh, my... so sorry! Don't beat yourself up too much, though - moms have to make decisions based on our best guesses and sometimes our hopes for a "better" outcome. You'll get through this and then you can yank 'em!


Rose said...

The doctors kept pushing me to get my girl's tonsils out but I waited. Now my girls are 13 and they have not had problems with their tonsils since they were 10 years old.Rose

cndymkr / jean said...

Hey, you are doing the best you can. Stop beating yourself up. Deciding on surgery, for any one, is a hard choice.

BoufMom9 said...

Oh no. I know why your procrastinated...I am very "fond" of doing that myself. UGH!
I hope she feels better soon.
(ps don't beat yourself up. You're human.)

Hafts Happenings said...

Oh, I kknow you are a great mom. Hoping she is feeling better SOON!!

Heidi said...

Have you ever tried ear candles? Our oldest son had terrible ear infections, CONSTANTLY! I did those when he started to be even remotely fussy, crabby, or a runny nose and they would dry up the fluid behind his ear drum so there was no wear for the bacteria to grow to cause an infection. Look up ear candleing.. I know it sounds hokey.....

Creek Bed Farmers said...

I had that same dilemma with our first born. You're not a bad Mom. You just don't want to see your baby have to have surgery! My daughter was 4 when she had her tonsils & adenoids out. But it did improve things a great deal, no more ear infections, she slept better (no more sleep apnia), etc. So when it came time for our 2 year old son to have them out - it was a no brainer. The hospital was so good. They let him watch his John Deere tractor DVD, while waiting for surgery and then even gave him "John Deere Green" ear tubes (yep, he had to have those in at the same time) & (you guessed it) Green Popsicles! A day after the surgery, you would not have known he had even had anything done. I was hoping that he would at least lay low for a couple of days so I could get a nap! :) But no, he was bouncing off of the walls, and then he didn't understand why he couldn't have goldfish crackers. The only thing I wish they would have told me is that the anesthesia can give the kids funky dreams up to a week after the surgery. My daughter would wake up in a fright, but my son didn't have that same problem. Hope this helps.

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