Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eliciting Inspiration

I haven't been writing much lately. Oftentimes when I write a piece like Powdered Sugar Donuts, I have a dry spell. Nothing that crosses my mind really seems worthy of putting on paper. 

Unfortunately, my occupation as a twice monthly columnist does not tolerate writer's block. Every two weeks, I have to put something down, whether it's worthy of publication or not.

To provide some inspiration, I sometimes make a list like the one I'm sharing here.

Today's weather: Rainy. In March. This is very unusual in Montana, and I guarantee you that we have not seen the last snowfall of the year. Meanwhile, my backyard is a swamp with a leftover snowbank in the middle. My porch is a gumbo collection center. Our calving corral is poop soup. (Sorry.)

What I'm reading: The Shack. I'm a little more than halfway through. It's not quite what I expected when I began the book. Has it shown me new perspectives? Yes, although I'm sidetracked by the awkward writing. Changed my views? No. Made me wonder why the author would portray God as a sarcastic woman? Definitely.

My music mood: Don Williams, Alan Jackson's hymns, and Alison Krauss. 

Supper: Rib steak, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad, strawberries, and grapes.

Dessert: Another strawberry. Fresh fruit is a delicacy around here.

Grain market: Down again.

Weakness: Chocolate. Hugs from toddlers. Babies.

Goal: Peace.


Susan said...

I love Don Williams and supper sounds fabulous!!


Ashlee said...

I love Don Williams! I go see him everytime he comes around!

I would go see Allison, if I could afford her!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Alan Jackson's hymns.......

Susan Rose said...

I agree with your thoughts on "The Shack." A friend mailed it to me with rave reviews, so I read it (skimmed it). I tried to overlook the "God as a weird woman" part so I could eventually get to what my friend thought was so wonderful about the book... but I never found any wonder. It was endless awkward allegory. I would never recommend it.

Sorry about the poop soup. That must be awful. :)

O'Connor Family said...

I just bought The Shack to read, and now I'm less than enthusiastic to start. I will still read it, but maybe something else first. Ditto on the strawberries. We are eating them for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert. We are over in Western MT, and are having a fresh fruit withdrawal as well. Can't wait to work on the garden this summer.

Jenny said...

You can't go wrong with Don Williams and Alan Jackson.

Tj and Mark said...

My husband and I and our friends read the Shack on vacation. Perhaps being surrounded my new space made it easier to overlook some things, but as a story, I think it has a way of taking one's thoughts of God out of the box and more into a dynamic relationship. Certainly, the book in non doctrinal from a Biblical perspective, and yet, I think it would naturally lead a non believer into wondering more about who this Jesus really is. And I think that is a good thing.

Colleen said...

Hmmm...you probably don't want to know what is on your sister's iPod.


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