Monday, March 23, 2009

Self Restraint


Self Restraint (Noun): The act of pursing one's lips together fiercely to avoid telling one's daughter, age 7, to fix the comma splice on her 4-H demonstration poster.

Instead, I taught her the difference between your and you're. 

I don't have that much self restraint.


Jenny said...

She did an awesome job, mom!! I know, I'm nitpicky, too.

Pony Girl said...

Looks like she did a great job! I remember doing 4-H demos as a kid, I was SO nervous!! I loved doing the design and layout of the board, that met my creative side, but hated being up in front of adult judges and the public speaking. I always did well though. :)

Dawn said...

My mom was a grammar and punctuation fanatic, too, and now I read with a "mental red pen." It's just about ruined reading newspapers for me. I received a birthday card (store-bought, not homemade) that read: Its You're Birthday! Seriously. It was a "serious" sentimental-type card - not one intended to be funny.

Looks like she did a great job! She will thank you one day when she can actually write and speak well and her classmates can't.

BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am the same! Have a hard time not fixing al the errors...
It did turn out wonderfully though!

sariah said...

"Separate the mother from the bum...". This was an educational post for my kids who also like to read your blog but have not been exposed to those kind of experiences. "Mom, why is she talking about a bum??" :-)

Star said...

Silly city girl question: what IS a bum calf?

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