Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's My Sister's Fault


As the baby of the family, I learned early on that I could usually blame someone else for whatever trouble I created. . . and get away with it.

So it's easy for me to say that my current chocolate addiction is my sister's fault.

Last weekend, I loaded up my four urchins and headed over to her place to watch her three while she and her husband enjoyed a well-deserved weekend away.

Aside from the incident in which her youngest child nearly severed a digit, the weekend went very well. I found that caring for seven children is, in many ways, easier than caring for four. And you don't have to put any leftovers back in the fridge after a meal.

As an added bonus, their cows have not started calving yet. I didn't have to go out in the cold and check for calves at night.

I slept for eight hours. In a row

My sister didn't realize how easy I had it while she was away. She felt so sorry for me staying home with seven kids while she cavorted around Seattle that she brought me back this:
and this
and this.
All I can say is that I'm hooked, and they have a website.

And it's all my sister's fault.


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Sleeping 8 hours in a row is a blessing!!!

I blame my sis for the love of chocolate too! LOL

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

MMMM....I love chocolate!

Jenny said...

Nice pants. LOL!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I can't see the pictures! What did you get?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, how cute were you all! I can't see the other pictures either for some reason.. Crud..


kori bates said...

That is so true! Last weekend I watched my friends kids, and mine where there...6 total, and it was a breeze!!!! I even stopped smoking while I watched them.

Star said...

The chocolates web site is oh, so tempting. I'm actually grateful that I don't live in the area served by my favorite chocolate company any more ( too darn much temptation. Friends persist, against all my sincere pleas to the contrary, to send me a box every Christmas...and it's all mine, mine, mine!

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