Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Farmers Look Like


This is what farmers look like when you take them to the ocean.



They just get positively giddy seeing that much moisture.



This was my first visit to the ocean, and I was captivated.


I am not a worldly soul. I spent my first 17 years on the ranch that has been home to my family since 1913. I attended college less than three hours away from home, and when I married, I moved one whole county away from my hometown. My first trip in an airplane was in 1998 when the local co-op sent us to Minneapolis for a young farmer's convention.

My second trip in an airplane was in 2007 when the local Jaycees sent us to Phoenix for a young farmer's convention.

Since then, we have traveled with the same young farmers to Washington, D.C., Madison, Wisconsin, and most recently, Eugene, Oregon.

Those trips have expanded our horizons well beyond our rural life here in the middle of nowhere.


For example, who knew that there were big blobs of mucus on the beach?


But seriously, each time we travel with this group, I am reminded of the value of good friends, making time for a healthy marriage, and being open to new ideas in agriculture. If the members of this group are any indication of the future of our ag industry, we are in good hands.


Bush Babe said...

I loved seeing the ocean through your eyes... fresh eyes. Wonderful... perhaps you could visit some other farmers on the other side of the world one day??

Andrea said...

Those are amzaing shots. And the ocean is really amazing. It's so powerful. I love the wet jeans and cowboy boots!!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I am overwhelmed when visiting the ocean too. Its so awesome and beautiful. Thanks for letting us visit with you!

Hope you are feeling better!

Dawn said...

Ah, a small taste of our deep love for the ocean and the determination to never be more than a short drive from it.

I always said that I feel closer to God with sand under my feet, the smell of ocean in my nose and the sound of crashing surf in my ears!

Love your pictures, especially the one of the horizon and seagull. Sure hope no one touched the mucus on the beach!!!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

Hafts Happenings said...

The pictures are stunnning! Love those sandy cowboy boots :)

Tj and Mark said...

I can hardly believe this is your first time to see the sea. But of course I have never seen the central plains! LOL. I saw the ocean for the first time at the age of 13, and I lived less than 2 hours away. It captivates me too.

Anonymous said...

And, if you are any indication of the future of our country,we are in good hands!

I've lived in/near San Diego my whole life. Nothing could be further from the life you lead, but I look forward to reading every one of your posts.

Thank you!

Melissa in El Cajon, CA

Gardner Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I love the farmer running from the water. Very cute! By the way, the mucus blobs are dead jellyfish.

DayPhoto said...

Your photos are beautiful!


Vashti said...

HI there. I just found your blog and I am in love!!!!!
My dream growing up was to live on a farm! It sadly never happened.
I love this post. I grew up on the beach and so I am awestruck when I find out that people live their lives without ever going to the ocean!!! I couldnt live with out it!
I love your photos, you can just tell how excited they are to be on the beach. I love the wet jeans and cowboy boots.
When I am on the beach I feel so close to God, I dont know what it is but that feeling makes me want to stay there forever.
Have a blessed day.

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