Tuesday, January 6, 2009

By The Numbers

25 - days since I last went grocery shopping
45 - miles to the store
2 - children along to help me
1 - husband who kept filling the vehicle with items I wasn't planning to bring home
8 - hours we were gone
1 - time I remembered to take the kids to the bathroom
4 - feet of cash register tape it took to record all my purchases
80 - dollars I "saved" on "sale" items
1 - stop at a machinery dealership
1 - new John Deere brochure obtained by the five-year-old farmer
27 - times someone said "stop copying me" on the way home
7 - items that fell out of the vehicle when we opened the rear door
2 - hours it took me to put all the groceries away while simultaneously fixing supper
4 - pages in the new John Deere brochure that we read for a bedtime story
1 - very tired mama who is happy we don't have to do this again any time soon


Brian in Central IL said...

Our house also will use the brouchure as a bedtime story- but instead of reading specs my Wife or I make up a story with the pictures.

Mama Bear said...

Oy vey.

You are one tough Mama - good for you!

fawndear said...

Makes you realize why they only went to the store a couple times a year back in the days of horse and buggy.
I need to move to the country because I'm at the store way too often.

Jenny said...

I'm tired just reading that!

Brochures do make good reading for the kids at bed and on the road. Just as long as the husbands don't read them too much. LOL!

Also good watching: my kids love to watch the promotional videos/dvds we have gotten from various equipment companies. cheaper than thomas videos!

Anonymous said...

oy vey is right... you get a serious atta girl from us'ns

shalom! :)
gp in montana

threecollie said...

I swore when I was younger that I would never do what my late mother in law, rest her soul, did about shopping. She went shopping maybe once every couple of months and half bought out the store. Now I do the same thing and put it off with all the enthusiasm usually reserved for painful dental procedures. Good post!

Bush Babe said...

Oh I nodded the WHOLE way through this... although I am impressed with the 25 days since the last shopping expedition. I can do 14 no worries, but start to get a little jumpy (and dinner starts to look very repetitive) after the fortnight mark!!

Great post!

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