Tuesday, December 16, 2008



The local production of "How The Penguins Saved Christmas" had the audience on the edge of their seats tonight.

It was a riveting performance starring many, many penguins. Three of them live in my house. It seems fairly appropriate that penguins would live here where the climate is apparently similar to that of the North South Pole.
Tomorrow I'll share the sad tale of "The Penguin Who Couldn't Even See The Audience Because His Mask Slipped Down And His Nose Was Poking Out Of The Eye Hole."


ZenPanda said...

But penguins don't live in the arctic...

Dawn said...

Ha ha ha! Such a cute picture.

And, what ZenPanda said.


Erin said...

Good thing that blogging has a fact checker!

Actually, according to the highly accurate and sophisticated setting of the production, the play took place at the South Pole, which really is the habitat for some penguins. The sign saying "North Pole" on the set was apparently a sign pointing up. They're all about accuracy in these high-dollar theater events starring talking penguins and Santas who fall out of their sleighs and suffer concussions.

Brother in Christ said...

Was there a penguin with "Happy Feet"?????

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