Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful


Today is a perfect example of why I tend to favor traditional roles for men and women.

When the temperature is 26 degrees below zero with a windchill dipping near minus 50, I don't have to go outside. I can stay inside and make sugar cookies with the kids and listening to Bing Crosby while my husband is outside taking care of the livestock.


I can nudge my camera lens out the door for a split second to capture the crispness of 26 degrees below zero, but I don't have to suffer the frozen nostrils and chest pain of taking a full breath of frigid air. I can make a hearty lunch so he can warm his belly when he comes in, but since I stocked up on groceries before the storm hit, I have no reason to leave this house until the weather improves.

Of course, if he were to need some help thawing frozen livestock waterers or getting the chores done, I wouldn't complain about going out there. But so far, he's handling the duties just fine on his own.


Maybe I'll reward his hard work with a batch of fudge.


Willow Tree said...

I'd brave the weather for fudge too, lol!

Brrrrrr! I've only felt that kind of cold once; my senior year, school shut down for a week because it was 30 below (before the windchill!) so it was Dangerous to be outside!

Andrea said...

Husbands are wonderful. That sure looks cold. And cookies and fuge sure do sound great!!

oceans5 said...

Wow that is cold. It gets down to the 30's here sometimes. I can't imagine how cold you guys must be. I am a cold weather girl all the way though so I would probably enjoy it. At least for a while. Stay warm. :)

Mum-me said...

And this is why I love living in Australia. That snow looks really pretty, but I am happy to just look at your photos.

And the last photo had me worried for a split second - I though you were going to say you had to go out and dig the tractor out of the snow drift.

Dawn said...

I this reminds me of one of the reasons I love Texas.

And why I'll try my best not to whine about the "cold" when the temp drops to freezing today.


Prairie Chick said...

wow you've got -10 on us.... =) we're making fudge too.

Anne said...

Hey there! Just happened to find you online and happy to see someone else made fudge (and ate it) like we did in this lovely MT weather. Ever notice that the Weather Channel anchor usually stands with their head completely covering most of our state?

Anonymous said...

Your lucky.... I had to go help feed and water the cows - and that's with the tractor cuz the feed pickup is broke down. Had to chop 5" ice out of the water tanks in the 30 below temps too. It was such a wonderful Sunday. Then, had to do it again today. Boy, gonna have to come visit you and snitch some of that fudge, if any ever left ;)


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

26 BELOW????
Oh yeah, fudge, cookies, cleaning toilets, you name long as I was INSIDE.
Your hubby is one lucky man. I'd live else where in winter...

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