Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas makes me all nostalgic.

It makes me remember the holidays of my childhood.


Holidays filled with terrycloth shirts, drawstring pants, argyle sweater vests, terrible home perms, and Garfield.

Makes me all teary just thinking about it.

Or maybe it makes me all teary because that was a really, really bad home perm.


Willow Tree said...

If you say he's holding a red rider bb gun...

Garfield, geez, almost forgot about him! You slay me; thanks for the laugh tonight!

Blessings, Carolynn

Your Biggest.....Fan? said...

To my darling wife. I have never been so moved as to comment to one of your many blogs as I am motivated by this photo of you as a little girl of a nostalgic Christmas past. I can see your willingness to go jogging on that cold Christmas morning as indicated by your pants. But wait, your wet frozen hair proves you have already been out on that winter morning. I now know what to get you for Christmas as I am sure that I can find a nice nostalgic pair of Garfield slippers on the net. I ask with great concern upon my brow...Do you have anymore nostalgic pictures that I have not seen before? If so, a little pre-picture warning may be in store.

Merry Chistmas
Your Husband

Julia in Sweden said...

Goodness what an adorable flock of penguins! Interesting angle, but it looked very engaging nontheless.
I do hope you feel better in time for christmas, and that you all have a wonderful holiday.
Oh yes, and beware. I think "Tim" has gotten a few new ideas from this post...
Merry Christmas from us here in Sweden!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Oh how I remember those home perms! LOL

Christine said...

The first thing I thought of was seeing your borther with that gun and saying
"you'll shoot your eye out kid"

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