Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cowboy Or Farmer?

If cowboys ride their horses off into the sunset,


does that mean that farmers drive their tractors off into the sunrise?


Actually, this is just how our kids get to the school bus stop on a frigid December morning.


The cows needed fed, so the tractor had to be started. In this weather, we don't start a vehicle unless it's absolutely necessary. So the two kids who are well enough to go to school loaded up and putted up the driveway with their daddy.

Why didn't I get a better picture of them, you ask?

Because I was standing in the house. In my flannel jammies. Shivering. And trying to keep the camera still as I poked the lens through the crack in the door.

Alas, tomorrow I will not be so lucky as to hide in the house while I shoo the little ones out the door. My farmer cowboy husband informs me that the heifer calves must be vaccinated tomorrow morning when the forecast predicts a balmy 6 degrees.

Definitely a morning for hot coffee and flannel lined jeans.


Jenni said...

Yow! I'm a total wuss. I was whining about my fingers freezing as I fed the horses this morning. I'm not sure what the temperature here in south central Kansas was, but it was a lot warmer than 6 degrees! The rest of me wasn't even that cold, just my fingers, and man did they hurt. I think I need some real gloves instead of those stretch knit dollar store ones I've been using.

Beautiful photo of the tractor riding off into the sunrise! Stay warm out there!

BoufMom9 said...

YIKES! 6 degrees! I will not complain any more about when it dips below 30 here. HOLY cow!
Love the kids' ride!

Very sorry you have half of the kids still sick. UGH! maybe that means atleast a quiet day indoors for you???

ps Thank you! Your words today helped me more than I can express. I needed to hear that and I'm so thankful for your suggestions. VERY much appreciated :)

Jenny said...

Now I feel bad whining about taking the 4-wheeler out to dump the trash in the trash pit when the wind chill was 20. LOL!

blessedmomto7 said...

You sound so much like me LOL!

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