Tuesday, November 25, 2008

E Is For Eggs

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E – Eggs


This year has taught me many lessons, and one that stands out is to appreciate eggs. While I have a personal distaste for chickens in general, I do enjoy a nice dish of scrambled eggs and toast, and the growth of our family has increased our egg consumption dramatically.

Since we have a chicken house and the paraphernalia required for the poultry business, I allowed the four-year-old to convince me that we should order baby chicks this spring. After a long summer of “helping” the kids care for the chicks, all of our time and effort was squelched in the matter of minutes due to an unlatched gate and an enthusiastic blue heeler. Picking up the carcasses of 22 chickens that were raised from baby fuzz balls was not a lesson that I or our children will soon forget.

While we had not a single egg from those chickens, a kind neighbor offered our son the opportunity to buy more hens, and he is building quite the little nest egg from his egg business. We have all learned the value of eggs, it seems, in addition to the value of good neighbors, good stewardship, and good gate latches.

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