Sunday, November 30, 2008

D Is For Dogs

D – Dogs


I am thankful for the two dogs in our lives. Mitch, our firstborn, is nearly 13. He is deaf, his eyes are cloudy, and his movements are stiff. Despite his age, he still greets us with a wagging tail and still tolerates the hugs and overzealous petting of four young kids who, throughout the years, he has watched over and herded in the yard.


Charlie, a four-month-old red Border collie, has been in our lives for all of six weeks and has established himself as a member of the family. His devotion to the kids is evident in the way he greets them at the end of the school day, his body wagging from nose to tail and his tongue unsuccessfully attempting to resist their cheeks. Charlie may never be a great cow dog, but he is certainly a great kid dog.

I do not count my blessings often enough, but during this season of Thanksgiving, it seems only right to acknowledge the richness of our lives. At this point, I’m feeling wealthy.

(Up Next: S is for Stomach Flu.)


Farmchick said...

Hi~ I really enjoyed reading through all your posts....we have a 13 year old dog too...and she is in the same shape as yours! We love her so much. Won't mind if if miss the S- is for stomach flu post!!! Stop in and visit sometime.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Thats an adorable pic of Mitch!!!

"S" doesn't sound so fun.

DayPhoto said...

Dr. Goodpet has Eye-C which is for blindness in dog's and cat's eyes. I use it all the time on our dog. You use it twice a day and the blindness goes away. He loves it and will stand for us to put the drops in, I think he knows it helps him see so he can run with the four-wheeler.

Dr. Goodpet has a website if you are interested.


threecollie said...

Beautiful dogs! Our old guy is 14 and having a hard time of it these days...

BoufMom9 said...

Beautiful dogs! They bring so much to our lives, don't they?

ps I am paying hommage to you on my recipe blog :)

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