Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Busy To Take Good Pictures

I've been falling behind lately. The refrigerator needs cleaned out, the garden needs tilled, and the kids are complaining that their jeans need washed.

But I really realized that I've been busy when I noticed I haven't been taking any decent pictures. For example, when we shipped our calves last week, the photo opportunities were abundant. The morning was clear, the shadows were long, and I didn't take a single decent picture all day.

The reason is twofold. First, I was too busy dealing with cows and calves to frame up a photo and adjust the camera correctly. Second, I was working with a group of camera shy guys.

These guys just kept showing me their behinds.


These guys tried to act busy loading up the trailers to take the calves to the stockyards.

This guy is so tall that his head wouldn't properly fit in the frame.

At least I got the right end of this guy, although he was not exactly posing for the camera. He was getting ready to lunge as soon as the head catch swung open and released the calf.

Thanks to the loss of Montana's brucellosis free status, we had to catch each heifer calf that we were selling and place an electronic identification tag in her ear. Animal identification and brucellosis are two of the most contentious subjects in Montana agriculture right now.

That's why I'm not going to discuss them.

I'd rather show you another bad photo. This time, the calves are at the local stockyards waiting to be loaded onto the trailers that will take them to a feedlot. Don't they look excited about their trip?

Here's yet another camera shy guy loading the steers onto the trailer.

They travel up a ramp to the top tier of the stock rack.

I'm glad I didn't have to back that trailer up.

And, finally, the worst picture of the day: a straight shot into the sun. This is the truck that hauled our steers to Iowa. It might be a bad photo, but it's a symbol of the end of a year's work.

It's nice that some things, unlike my laundry, have a completion date.


Dawn said...

I hear ya, sister! I'm listening to my washer and dryer running right now. (Sigh...) Never gets done, does it?


Anonymous said...

My laundry pile is winning the battle too... but in my defense, hubby was out of town for a week Eh, who am I kidding, it was winning before he left. Some days the victory is just to stand, if you know what I mean, LOL.

Blessings, Whitney

Stacie said...

I'm grading papers -- I totally understand. The pile seems to keep getting bigger.

Is it ever sad to send them away? For you or the kids?

Jenni said...

I don't know, I kinda like the last photo. It looks like the sunlight is pouring out of the holes in the trailer. The way you framed it so the truck angles through the photo is nice, too. It's not great, but it's interesting.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It's always such a relief to get rid of anothers years calves.

At least you took guys are always yelling at me to do my job instead of taking pictures!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I keep telling my family to go around naked so I don't have to do laundry. Wonder why they don't want to....could be because it's 38 degress outside....hmpf.

Mum-me said...

My Grandma used to always say "A woman's work is never done" (along with many other sayings that pop into my mind at appropriate moments) and I never understoon her, until I had a family of my own.

Yes, men are lucky that their job can be 'finished' and they can have a real holiday, or even just come home in the evening and relax. Us mums are 'on call' 24 hours a day, all year!

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