Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Montana Fall


Montana's seasons have never quite followed the calendar.


This year, we went from summer to winter so quickly that the leaves didn't have a chance to fall before our first heavy snow.


The snow caught the flowers off guard, too.


I don't think I'll have to water the flower bed anymore this year.


The heaviest snow fell south of us, but we're thankful that we received some much needed moisture from this storm.


Brother in Christ said...

Was helping a lady clear the snow away from her furnace vent today. Right at 32 inches of snow on her roof!! Amazing moisture. I'm lovin' it!!

Julia in Sweden said...

Wow, we are still waiting for our first morning with frost here. But we have hade quite a lot of rain instead. Sadly, we get very little snow here on the west coast, and with this global warming it'll probably be even less in the years to come. Did the kids have a great day in the snow?
I guess lunchbox-season has come to a definite end then?
Take care of eachother!

Lacey Jo said...

BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I guess I should quit complaining about the 94 degree to 70 degree weather change we had in the past two days!

Dawn said...


We grilled burgers and sat on the patio with ceiling fans running to move the mid-80's air today.

It's hard to even imagine snow here.

Jenny said...

Brrrrr!!!!! We just got rain here (but not too happy about it. Not with all the hay on the ground and peanuts waiting to be thrashed here).

Anonymous said...

WOW!! It's probable that I will kick myself for saying this in a few short weeks, but it looks gorgeous, can't wait! A friend of mine moved up here to Minnesota from South Carolina... I told her the rule here is pick your children's Halloween Costumes based on fitting over a snow suit. Looks like that applies to your neck of the woods as well. Speaking of... how do Country Kids trick or treat?

Blessings, Whitney

Anonymous said...

Wow! We hit 70-something today. In Minnesota! In mid-October! But sadly, doesn't look like you'll be seeing that too soon. Though if it's anything like our variable weather, it can fluctuate 60 degrees within a day.

Andrea said...

Oh wow, did you get to have a fall at all? I am not looking forward to the cold weather. It's still 85 degrees here. Your poor flowers!!

jane said...

So beautiful, love the second photo from the bottom. We haven't even gotten a frost yet...very unusual...

Kath said...

Am so not ready for that white stuff yet.

In Wyoming on our land they had snow this weekend. But where we live in South Dakota we have not had a hard frost yet as my flowers are still blooming.

oceans5 said...

That is all so incredibly beautiful. I so wish we lived somewhere that snows. Every 5-10 years it snows just enough here to make a 3 inch snowman and get all excited. Then about 30 minutes later it is over. Gorgeous photos.

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