Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, in a barren land far, far away (a three hour drive, as a matter of fact), lived a lonely little princess. She toiled day and night for years (four of them, to be exact) until she was finally granted her wish: a grand princess party. With tiaras. And presents. And cake with chocolate frosting.


The lonely little princess invited all the girl cousins in the kingdom. They arrived at the palace adorned in their finest gowns.


They were granted the privilege of wearing the royal tiaras only if they remembered the identity of the true princess.


After a quick wardrobe swap to satisfy Her Royal Highness,


the Court was reminded of the longevity of the princess' reign.


Making wishes is serious business at a princess party, and serious business requires concentration.


And contemplation.

What, exactly, is a princess to do when the cake is eaten, the presents are opened, and the excitement dwindles?


If you're a country girl princess, you ditch the tiara, head to the backyard, and get your hands dirty.


But you make sure to bring along your purple lip gloss in the plastic heart container tied to a necklace so that you can reapply it every three seconds all evening long.

Because you just never know when Prince Charming might show up and want to play Tonkas.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! That's the kind of girl I was, too. One minute prancing around the house in mom's heels and rings on every finger, the next minute digging for worms in the backyard or playing basketball with my dad. Nothing wrong with being well-rounded princesses! :)

jane said...

You kill me!

Anonymous said...

I too loved getting absolutely filthy in the backyard at that age... but only in my Sunday best. Drove my mother crazy! What a cute party! Blessings, Whitney

Anonymous said...

What a cute party! What lovely girls! Yeah for dirt and pretty clothes!


Mama Bear said...

Hehehe awesome!!

Kath said...

You must be well balanced to be a country princess!!

What an adorable cake!

fawndear said...

I love that I just found your blog.
I was raised country and so miss it. You girl, are living my dream!
My princesses are a bit envious of your dirt. Here its mud because it rains so much. But that doesn't stop them.

Marissa said...

That was so cute, enjoyed your post! Nothing wrong with tomboys, that would be me too

Anonymous said...

Gee I have beautiful granddaughters!
Grandma Patty

Anonymous said...

I loved this! What a great picture story, Erin! As Jane said, you kill me!

~ jeanie

Linda said...

Precious, precious pictures. My granddaughter would be there in a flash - as soon as she decided which Princess dress to wear. Because it's all about the glitter!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a wonderful Fairy Tale! And such a happy ending! Playing in the dirt!

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

OK... that goes pretty close to trumping the Cute Poker post at my place!!! Totally cute! And real... my dolls gathered cobwebs and dust as I ditched them for horses and the yards with Dad.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That's awesome! Love the perspective.

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