Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The End

In the title of this post, I'm not referring to the end of the month, the end of summer, the end of potty training, the end of my sanity, or even the end of winter wheat seeding.

While all of those would be timely posts, it is another end altogether that I'm celebrating.

It's the end of lunchbox season.

Packing a lunch for a farmer is not as simple as throwing a sandwich and a bag of chips in a box. In fact, sometimes it can be quite complicated.

When my husband is seeding or harvesting, he is in the field for hours upon hours at a time. He is not only working up an appetite, but he is fatigued. He must eat in order to stay awake. He is bored with traditional lunchbox fare, and he is unable to use two hands to eat, which disqualifies many lunchbox possibilities.

Trying to come up with appetizing food that can be eaten one-handed and will keep all day in a lunchbox is a challenging task. Even more challenging is the fact that I'm not a morning person, and getting three children ready for school, making breakfast, and packing a lunch simultaneously is rather daunting before the first cup of coffee hits my bloodstream.

Eliminating the lunchbox task from my morning routine is a cause for jubilation.


As the last of the seed went into the ground, he was celebrating the end of 14 hour shifts on the tractor.

I was eagerly anticipating the moment when I would close the lunchbox for the final time this year.


Lacey Jo said...

Sometimes I wonder how they do it. I pulled a few 7 hour shifts running the land plane this summer and I almost died of boredom! I suppose there is not much choice when the work has to get done.

Anonymous said...

Whew! You almost had me thinking it was the end of your blog!! Lunch boxes? OK then! Blessings, Whitney

The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm sure you are glad that's over..for awhile.(I'm glad too, thought you were going to say the end of your blog! Whew is right!)
When Cowboy was working the feedlot, making lunch at 5am was a dreaded chore..
1-I'm not a morning person;
2-my 'creativity' ran out long before he quit...lunches a horseback are challenging!

Dawn said...

Whew! I, too, thought you were ending your blog when I saw your title. Glad it's just lunch boxes.

Blessings as you enter this next season!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We are just beginning our harvest of soybeans and have the corn left so we will be lunchboxing it for ahwile yet. My mother-in-law does bring us dinner to the field some so that helps out alot!

Kath said...

I would be celebrating too!!!

When eating out of the cooler this summer in the hay field we called it "tailgating" in an attempt to make it fun!!!

Linda said...

I'm can certainly understand why you're celebrating. What did you fix him? I can't quite imagine spending 14 hours on a tractor. You both have my undying admiration. Farming looks like such a wonderful life, but I know it is also a very hard one.

Christine said...

so would you mind sharing some of those tasty meals?? I am always at a loss for lunchbox fill

Jenni said...

Well happy end of lunch box season to you! Would you mind sharing what interesting ideas you came up with for his lunch box though?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I bet your doing a happy dance.. It's hard enough coming up with something different for dinner each evening here.. I don't know how you do it for 3 different meals each day..


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