Friday, October 10, 2008


Happy Birthday, my boy.


Eleven years ago, I became a mother, despite the nurse's emphatic declaration that first babies never come early. You arrived with determination three and a half weeks early, and you continue to defy people's expectations on a daily basis.


We are so proud of you. Each day you face struggles that we cannot comprehend. Your achievements are amazing, but even more amazing is the person you are becoming. You have a bright mind, a gentle spirit, and a kind heart. You embrace the qualities that set you apart from others with a self assurance that is beyond your years.


I'm proud to be your mom, and I'll never forget the day you arrived and made us a family.


Anonymous said...

Happy 11th Birthday Riley!


Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Our oldest son, who also has Aspergers was 3 weeks early too. He will be 9 in February... I can hardly believe it's been that long; feels like I just brought him home sometimes.

Happy Birthday Riley! Hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings, Whitney

PS, what did he chose for his cake?

Anonymous said...

Good grief... mommy brain moment... my son IS 9, he will be TEN in Feb. Sheesh.

Jenny said...

Sure is a handsome young man now. But LOOK at what an adorable toddler he was! I just want to PINCH those cheeks!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Riley.

Aunt Sue

Julia in Sweden said...

Happy 11th birthday Riley! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love from us here in Sweden!

Anonymous said...

Wow - how sweet of you. That is a very nice birthday tribute to your son. So sweet. I like your site. I will be back for a visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Riley. Our grandson Elijah has aspergers. He turned 9 in Sept. He is a very special little guy just like Riley. He is caring, loving, and so very smart.

Anonymous said...

Love, Grandma Patty

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

What a cutie! Hope you had a great day!

oceans5 said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Riley! This is a beautiful post. I hope he has a great day.

Anonymous said...

Erin, what a beautiful note to your son. That picture with the rainbow in the background should be blown up and framed.

Happy Belated 11th Birthday Riley! You are a handsome young man!
Your friend in MN, Robin

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