Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Function: noun

a) "harsh or discordant sound"

b) "sound resonating throughout a three-mile radius when the calves board a truck headed for Iowa and their mothers are still trying to find them"

c) "the reason I'm not sleeping right now"



Kris said...

Perfect word for the experience. It's almost worse I think when you're working calves and their mommas are just outside the pen. separated. You can't communicate with your help over all the cacophony - you have to make up hand signals!

DayPhoto said...

Cacophony! Fits! We are on the way to this experince even as I write!

Our prices are down, but we can't afford to feed them through the winter.


Anonymous said...

Boy, do I miss shipping season. As a kid, I remember (yes, I know, I needed to get out more) wondering what color the semis would be that came to get them. And we had scales at our place, so we got to do our own, plus the neighbors up and down the creek's shipping. :-D

If it's not too nosy, what's the going price for calves this year?

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Hey, I'd howl too if my baby were taken away from me!

Kath said...

My hubs use to have a cattle hauling rig. He has hauled alot of calves out of Montana. I went along with him once to see friends in Bozeman. The truck rocks constantly when standing still. The calves bellar all the way. And stomp. Its a wild ride for all concerned!!

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