Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Going On In Our World

Here's a rundown of our family members' activities this week:

This one had a rough week involving visits to both the dentist and the ophthalmologist, the new toy helicopter getting lodged on the roof, and taking a football to the head during P.E. class. You have no idea how fervently we were saying TGIF today.

This child floated through the week on Cloud Nine while clutching the new stuffed kitty in the cheerleading outfit purchased for an inflated price at a certain overpriced chain store build-your-own business that preys on gullible moms like me. But at least it's not a Barbie. For some reason, I find it much less objectionable to buy clothes for a furry friend than for a plastic figure with unattainable proportions.

The forgotten middle child learned all about the letter A this week. He also decided that Steiger tractors are a close second to John Deere because that's what his daddy bought him at the Farm Kid's Heaven store. The shiny red machine has already been put to the test pulling the grain cart in his harvesting operation in the backyard.

This child ate three frosted doughnuts at the crop insurance meeting, each bestowed upon her grimy little hands by men who pretended they hadn't heard me telling her "No more!"

The farmer (otherwise known as Tim) has been seeding winter wheat and listening to satellite radio to keep himself awake during the long days in the tractor seat.

My contribution to the operation is to do the chores around home and keep his lunchbox well stocked with these. I'm also stretching my culinary abilities to make meals that are edible by picky children at 6 and by a tired husband who doesn't like casseroles at 10.

I'm already missing my job a bit. As the substitute school secretary today, I was able to sit down for the longest consecutive block of time since 1997.

I'm pretty sure I won't be giving up my regular gig, though. The pay's not great, but the benefits are superb.


Brother in Christ said...

Please tell "The forgotten middle child" that Steiger tractors are indeed awesome!! The Steigers I'm familiar with were green (slime-lime) in color, so I am looking forward to seeing his red one.


Farmchick said...

Sounds like you are busy....but that's life on the farm with children!!! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Well, at least I was close with the teacher guess... in the right building, anyway!

Have a blessed weekend!

Bill Harshaw said...

Is the plan for the TFMC to collect one of every farm implement made? :-)

(First time I ever heard of a Stieger tractor--thank goodness for Google.)

Anonymous said...

Have I told you I think you're great lately? Cause you are. I just love your blog Erin, it's a real bright spot in my day. Blessings, Whitney

Rose Davis said...

Sounds like you are a busy mom! Have a wonderful day~Blessings, Rose

Julia in Sweden said...

Am I to understand that the Tim-comment has made me a little infamous? :D Well, I'm sticking to it, that's for sure!
I've been away for a week with my family, so I haven't kept up with your wonderful blog. I am very sorry to hear about the chicks, it must have been hard on you all. Will you do anything about the dog or is it just the way of a farm-life?
And the cookies look yummie!!! Time to take a few steps off the diet again...
Love Julia

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