Friday, September 12, 2008


One of the realities of "reality shows" is that they aren't very real.

In real life, a guy doesn't get to fawn over 50 girls and pick one to marry after dating them all for a few weeks.

In real life, people don't get stranded on an island (with a camera crew) and eat bugs and wear bikinis.

My life, on the other hand, would definitely qualify as a reality show. In my world, which incidentally never involves bikinis or camera crews, children drop slices of watermelon on the newly washed kitchen floor. The toddler demonstrates her imitation of elephant noises the moment I answer the ringing phone. I forget to put the t-ball uniform in the dryer until 15 minutes before we need to leave for the game.

Sometimes the reality of country life can be harsh.

At the kids' request, we restocked the chicken coop this spring.

Everyone was excited for the arrival of the new chicks.

It didn't take long for the kids to become attached to the little fluff balls.

We babied them through their awkward stage, and we were looking forward to the first eggs this fall.

They were safely ensconced in the chicken coop until last Friday, when the gate latch was left undone and a predator pushed his way in.

By the time the crime was discovered, only two of the 24 chickens were left alive.

Sometimes reality is difficult to explain to children.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain to myself.


Wanted: a good, chicken-less home for a three-legged cow dog.


Prairie Chick said...

oh no! sometimes reality SUCKS. poor chickies, poor kids... poor dog! he's got a bad name all over blogland now!

insanelybusymomma said...

Oh goodness, how awful. We too have had our share of stock losses which I had to explain to our 5 yr old dd. She still may cry, but in the end she always ends up saying the same thing. "*SIGH* Guess God needs more *insert dearly departed animal here* in Heaven. They'll love it there :)"

Puts things in perspective now doesn't it?

threecollie said...

Oh, dear, I am so sorry to read this. Poor kids. Poor chickens. We have a chicken killer too, (my late mother in law's dog so I feel I have to keep her.) We have to keep the hens locked up in one building and her in another. Sorry that such a lousy thing had to happen to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think sometimes these smaller losses can be a good way of breaking kids in for bigger losses. God is good through it all (but it's still hard!).

cndymkr / jean said...

Wait. The dog killed them? Did he eat them or just kill them? I don't suppose he was just trying to play with them and it got out of hand?

Rose Davis said...

I guess the dog beat the fox at having a little treat on your baby chicks! You did your best. I will keep the children in my prayers. It must be sort of hard for them. Rose

Kath said...

How sad! Did the three-legged pet get put on a chain for a timeout??

The chickens are so cute,too!

Pony Girl said...

Only two left out of the 24?? That must be one full dog!?
The place I leased my horse at before I bought him, they had a chicken that flew up into the dog yard. Bad decision! She lived with minor wounds but was pretty chewed up. I can't believe she survived.
I hope your kiddos aren't too upset! ;(

Dawn said...

Oh, no!!! Reality stinks some days!

I hope the dog at least had the good graces to look guilty at his dirty deed.

Will you get replacements?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! I know you weren't a huge fan of the chickens, but I know you never wanted This for them, and certainly not for your children. If its not asking too much, could you share a little of how you helped your children understand? Mine have never faced the loss of pets/ animals/ anything; not sure what I'd say yet. (((HUGS))), Whitney

BoufMom9 said...

OH NO!!!!! How awful! Poor things!

Stacie said...

Oh dear, that's a sad story. I hope your kids are able to feel better soon and don't dislike the dog because of this. :(

The W.O.W. factor said...

Reality more ways than one. It also provides a lesson for all involved.
Unfortunately, I'll bet there are more to come, it's goes hand in hand with a country lifestyle and ranching.
I'm so sorry!

Marissa said...

I feel bad for the's in his he has three legs. Yes I feel bad for the chicks too...

DayPhoto said...

One year we had two dogs get into the chickens, killed all but one rooster. My, then, 10 year old daughter (who is now 39) made a pet of Lonesome. He lived a long, long time and followed her everywhere.

So hard on everyone, but so part of life.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awwww....soooo sad! Those poor farm kids get lots of sad lessons like that early on...I know mine did.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

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