Thursday, September 4, 2008

If I Had My Life To Live Over

If I had my life to live over, I would . . .

- refuse to let my mother perm my hair repeatedly in the 1980s

- read more books before I had children and was relegated to authors who rhyme

- not buy the food dehydrator that I used for a year and then stashed away, never to suck the fluid from another piece of fruit

- pass on the purple bathrobe that I wore in the halls at the college dorm (what a vision I must have been!)

- keep my '82 Chevy Citation as a souvenir

- keep a diary every day.

What would you do?


Jenny said...

LOL on the car. I kinda wish I still had my 84 Bronco II. In fact, I see it in town every now and then. Maybe I'll offer to buy it from the current owner.

-maybe I shouldn't have been such a horrible teen to my mother (but if I hadn't been so bad, she would have never sent me to live with my dad, who would have never sent me to live with my stepaunt across the country, and I would have never met my husband)

-I would have done good in college the FIRST time around, instead of trying to do it with 4 kids now.

Dad said...

I'd make you keep the Citation.
It was, as you and your brother know, indestructable.

Bill Harshaw said...

-Part my hair on the other side (so I look to people the way I see myself).

-Start blogging when I first heard about it, rather than 4 years later.

-Realize that the more clutter I keep, the more time I waste searching for what I need.

-Choose to be born today, rather than 60 odd years ago.

Jenni said...

I don't have many regrets really. The biggest thing I would change if I had to do it all over is to relax more as a young mother. I would not be so uptight with my kids and just enjoy them more. I would yell less and find better ways to work with my difficult oldest child.

I also think I might change some of our activities and emphasis during that time. I don't think I would have the kids participate in Young Marines and I think I would figure out a way to have time and money for a couple of the family Bible camps we could have gone to instead. I'm struggling a little with my oldest son's choice to join the Marines. I do not regret teaching my children patriotism and respect for veterans and current military, but I wonder if there was too much emphasis on that and not enough on other things. While I know it is an honorable thing for him to be doing, it's not what I would have chosen for him and I largely blame myself. It's kinda silly. I know it's his choice, but I can't help wondering "what if".

Jenni said...

Well damn! I should've made that a Post Secret confession. Oh well, there you have it. Deep thoughts.

Dawn said...

I would have...

Been more dedicated to my studies. (I made good grades, but I could have made great grades!)

Learned to not be afraid of snakes. (Maybe not...)

Learned to stand up for myself before I was 30.

Let my kids play in the dirt more often. (It's just the laundry...)

Anonymous said...

Not gone to college for Architecture.

By the way, and this is totally unrelated, if you keep your eyes on the posts on your blog, the flower in the top left-hand corner appears to morph and grow. It's bizarre.

Julia in Sweden said...

If I had to go trough my schoolyears again I'd force my mother to homeschool me. That's about it. Oh yeah, I would have stayed off that yahoo chatroom where I met my violent ex. I would, however, have roamed the other chatroom where I met my husband a little more often. that way I might have met him sooner and we would have more years together. And I would have stayed of the chocolate so I wouldn't have to loose so much weight now... Other than that, I'd keep things the way they are.

ZenPanda said...

Every time I am asked a question like this I have to say- I would not change a thing. I don't think I would be who I am without the experiences, both good & bad, I've had.

I'm sure the Citation was a cool car though!

Plowing and Sowing said...

I would have tried to be more content after marriage and college. I always wanted to see what was over the next hill from a job standpoint.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What an insightful post. I don't really like thinking this hard, but I'll do it for you. 2 for sure are:

--I would have come into relationship with Christ earlier in my life to save myself tons of heartache and bad choices later on

--I would have been a better friend and chosen better friends (ie ppl who are good for me)

debbi/kurtsmom said...

Avoid every man and/or boy I dated up to the man I am married to now.

Rose Davis said...

That is one hard question! I wish I would have travelled out west before I was married. I would have loved to see Montana. Rose

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