Monday, September 15, 2008


My maternal grandmother is 83 years old.

She has been widowed twice.

When she was in her 70s, she fought cancer and won, without chemotherapy, thankyouverymuch.

She recently retired from her job as the cook for the local senior citizens group.

She wears cowboy boots with pointed toes and high heels because "they're comfortable."

My husband consults her for horse advice. I consult her for cooking advice. Her experience in both fields is extensive.

Not only am I jealous of her ability to make homemade noodles and mashed potatoes, but I also envy her social life.

Our visit with her this weekend was cut short because she had to scoot off to the city to a dance. She offered to take my husband with her.

"I'll show you a good time," she promised.

He was tempted, but in the end he chose to stay with his wife, who made no such promise to him.

I'm not sure whether I should be inspired by her youthfulness or embarrassed that I have no social life.

Maybe it's time to go dancing.



Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm so happy for you! My Grams & Nana have been gone for years; I miss them so much! The better to be greeted by in Heaven. :o) Blessings, Whitney

PS, I tagged you for an A-Z About Me on my blog.

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a great Lady she is! You know, I live in a farming community where the oldest club is the Women's Farm Club, which began in the 1920's. I belong and am one of the youngest women there. Most are in their 80's and 90's! I love these women, the stories they tell, the lives they lived and are living now. They are ALL active! I can't help but wonder....the lifestyle, the country air,the hard physical work, the fresh foods and the all these contribute to their longevity and wonderful lives?
I think so!

Dawn said...

Have you thought about getting video of your grandmother while she is still healthy and active? It would be a wonderful way to capture her, her memories and knowledge for your kids and future generations. It doesn't have to be formal. Catch her talking to your kids or hubby. Or, as she's explaining her recipes to you.

You are very blessed. My maternal grandmother is still healthy in mind but not in body. My paternal grandmother is fairly healthy physically but is in the later stages of Alzheimers. I wish I had thought to capture more of them and their life's experiences before now.


threecollie said...

Both your grandma and your children are very beautiful.

Happy Mommy said...

Go Grandma! Love the picture of the baby with your Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Your grandma is beautiful!

Rose Davis said...

Your grandmother is such a blessing! It is so nice to be able to live long enough to cuddle your great grandchildren~God bless her, Rose

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