Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Since you were so generous with your opinions about the photos, I'm going to return the favor and share a few things with you.

I'm sorry that it's not an Amazon gift card or a fancy kitchen appliance. I haven't quite hit the "big time" of blog sponsorship yet.

I can share with you a few of my favorite sites, though.

This site, BookMooch, is a former English teacher's dream come true. It's a country-wide book swap, but instead of digging through piles of dusty romance novels, you can actually find books you want to read by typing the title in the search box.

When I need a quick idea for supper or a potluck dessert, I head directly to All Recipes. It's fail safe because each recipe is reviewed by real people who have actually made the food and tasted it.

When my kids (or spouse) are searching for their next potential birthday present, they head to Action Farm Toys. It has an amazing inventory of kid-sized farm equipment.

Finally, if you have a reluctant reader, Book Adventure can be a great motivator. Not that I would have a reluctant reader here. All of my kids just love reading because I used to be an English teacher. But if you do happen to have a reluctant reader, especially one who rather likes computer time, this site may be a place you want to visit. Or so I hear.

At some point I'll try to draw some conclusions based on your photo choices and let you know why I asked for your opinions. My plan is to squeeze that in between breakfast, chicken chores, a load of laundry, and lunch. We'll see how that works out.

Meanwhile, what is one of your favorite non-blog sites?


Brother in Christ said...


Happy Mommy said...

Book Adventure seems great!

Bill Harshaw said... Genealogy is the best waster of time I've found.

Marissa said...

I like reading the daily happenings on

Miss Shannon said...

I love and my local library, because I love books and reading; I can really get lost just looking for books I'd love to have, borrow and share. I also love where I can gather up all my favourite blogs, my fb account, Scottish Proverb of the Day, Irish Word of the Day... well you get the idea, a great DIY place to save your favourite online stuffs... God Bless :)

Jenni said...

I use quite a bit, too. The ingredient search is great for those times between major shopping trips when you've just got a few oddball ingredients to somehow form into a meal.

I like because I can search for Bible verses much quicker and easier that way than using one of our concordances. Then I can copy and paste verses into something I'm typing. and are invaluable tools for the same reason. is a fun site for finding all kinds of wacky places to visit. is a fun site with instructions on all kinds of primitive skills: cooking, building a shelter, making tools and musical instruments, basketweaving, pottery, and more. is a great site with information on what to see and do in Kansas.

YouTube is an endless source of entertainment for our family. Many evenings find us huddled around my computer in the kitchen watching music or comedy videos. We also just discovered where you can find many of your favorite TV shows. I think we'll be watching the season 4 premiere of Bones tonight since we missed it last night.

Anonymous said... (it is a Christians version of youtube; their slogan is Broadcast Him. LOVE it. I can always find a good worship, sermon or hello, Beth Moore Study!)

I'm also a huge fan of craigslist because we can sell and buy locally. It's helping me declutter and get stuff I need used and less expensive which fits into my go-green on a budget kick. LOL.

Dawn said...

I use, too!

I like to use - good to search passages, words, etc., and you can view the scripture in numerous versions.

I also like to read the Daily Bread devotional online at Works great for when I want to have a quiet time but don't have more than a few minutes at the moment.

Really bored? has some fun games to play.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Bill Harshaw, I too love Genealogy, and even do it for FREE for people who are stuck!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful site for those of you who might like to do Genealogy.


Christine said...

Try this website too for great farm toys! It's in my hometown and my son loved it!

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