Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding Joy

At the monthly gathering of moms with preschoolers at church yesterday, our devotional topic was finding joy in the everyday adventures with our children.

I've been putting that concept to the test.

For example, I found joy in the way that my toddler was singing "Skip To My Lou" as she streaked through the house with no clothes and dropped stuffed animals all along her path.

I found joy in the furrowed brow of my five-year-old as he launched into a lengthy discussion about the rubber wheels on his toy tractor when he was supposed to be putting on his pajamas.

I found joy in the muddy footprints that danced across my kitchen floor; we are thankful for the rain.

And as I joined the ranks of mothers who have listened to the fumblings of a fifth grade band student, I found joy.


Because it's not a clarinet.


Brother in Christ said...

I found joy in teaching my children about building up treasure in Heaven.

I also found joy in the their wondering if they would be able to find the treasure once they got to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

This is something that we should do in our everyday lives. At the end of the day, think back and find the joy. Some days I think the only joy is the fact that I woke up. lol That's not true of course but human nature makes me grumpy sometimes. I love that he's playing the trombone! Alyssa plays it too. You know that if he blows REALLY hard, it sounds like an elephant. Maybe that should be our little secret, eh?
Robin in MN

Brian in Central IL said...

From a former (I guess I always will be) trombone player I say KUDOS! The best is when he gets to high school and plays pep band. Play louder and more powerful than anyone else and you will feel the power!!!

Mum-me said...

I am completely with you on that one! My eldest plays piano, and when she started thinking about a second instrument her inclination lent towards clarinet. I was horrified! Thankfully she chose flute instead. I was certianly able to find the joy in that!!!

Prairie Chick said...

I love this. It's my life's ambition. To take joy. In each and every moment.

Jenni said...

That trombone is reason to be thankful! A nice, low-pitched, non-squeaky instrument. Pity the poor parents of the clarinet playing child.

Rose Davis said...

These are the best of times~while we are young and healthy with are children around us~Rose

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