Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Back in February, I posted my first picture on this blog and announced that I was "Jumping In."

Now I've reached 200 posts and 854 Flickr uploads.

I skipped the traditional "100 Things About Me" post when I passed the 100 post mark, and I'm fairly certain that you don't want to hear 200 things about me now, so I'll just tell you two.

1. I used to be an English teacher.

2. I am a shameful farm wife because I never learned how to sew.

Astonishing revelations, aren't they?

Now I have a 200th post assignment for my readers. Visit my Favorites set at Flickr (just click HERE), and then come back and list the file name of your favorite photo in the comments section of this post.

I'll tell you why later.

Thanks for sticking around for the first 200! Maybe I'll reveal two more things when I reach 250. Stay tuned. . .


Dawn said...



A boy, his horse, his dog, open prairie, blue skies, fluffy clouds AND a rainbow... what could be better??

Brother in Christ said...


Anonymous said...

although it was a close tie to your baby girl in her bonnet which was tied with your son crying after being in the cold (cause sometimes you gotta cry!); because I can see my children in your pictures. You have a sincere talent for capturing the magic of youth on film. But I'm a sucker for things that came before me, which is why I picked this one. It has kept me awake at night wondering whats inside; what it used to look like.

I'm so happy for you to be at 200 posts! When I first started reading your blog last year I came in with your Magic Kitchen Table post and got hooked. I went back to the very beginning of your blog and read up to the present.

The English teacher confession was not a surprise to me, but the no sewing? I'm shocked and grateful because I don't know how either. :o) Many Blessings and here's to 200 more.

Prairie Chick said...


cause I've been trying to get a picture even half this good and can't! You rock.

jane said...

Okay..this was a hard assignment as all your pix are good and better. All the kid pix are cute, so right off the top I decided not to choose a kid pic. So...my pick is:


Anonymous said...

The picture of Riley running the barrels, he sits a horse really nice. He is so well rounded in life. I like all the pictures, you have a real knack of getting the best shots.

Anonymous said...

I just loved the look on your dog's face!


Marissa said...


I love the color of the sky and how the road disappears into the sunset! Gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...


I couldn't pick one of the kids, because to me they are all cute.. This one is one of my favorites though!


Anonymous said...


April said...

This was very difficult to decide because you have WAY too many amazing shots to choose from. Although I just love, love, love this one DSC03433b.
This one is way to special to not be the first pick: DSC06125-1.

Kris said...

I found 14 different ones that I thought were technically better than the others - although many many of the others did have strong emotional appeal. Assuming you were asking us for potentially entering something in a contest - I picked ones I thought would pass the judges tests...

03224sepia (calves)
01895 (horse)
01875a (mountains)
00167 (bonnet)
02147 (sunset)
02703 (elevator)
03020 (stubble/mountains)
03818 (lamb)
03924-1 (schoolhouse)
04946-1 (chicks)
05984-1 (sunset)
04392-5 (tractoring)
03433b (horses and riders)
03294 (branding)

I know that doesn't help narrow it down to 1 - but dang girl you've got too many good ones to choose from. And I understand the agony of having to choose just 1. I simply can't do it. So I never get anything entered in contests because I can't meet the deadline of having to choose 1 - or even 3.
Good job!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...


I love harvesting photos. The payoff in the end for the years hard work....plus they are so pretty!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your 200th! It's quite an accomplishment!

Brian in Central IL said...


Prior to my Son being born, only visited the John Deere Pavilion once- he turned two on 8-28 and we have been there twice since July. Tractors and Thomas are his things, and this picture looks like what his visit would look like to your farm.

Bill Harshaw said...

DSC02698, says lots about the country and the human, and it's not cute (I hate cute :-) ) That's probably why I preferred it over DSC03433b, the two horsemen, which I see two others have picked.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't get the number of it, but the photo of the old church with the "Welcome to Danvers" sign in the foreground. It's just beautiful and haunting -- makes me wonder about when it was new and all the things that have happened there, both happy and sad. It's on the third page, if that helps.


Colleen said...


It is nearly impossible to choose just one. This was my first, gut-instinct pick, so I'm choosing it so I can stop second-guessing myself (like I've been doing for hours).

Stephanie said...

My favorite is DSC04219-9. It's breathtaking and reminds me of God's promises.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others. It's so hard to pick. The ones with kids are awesome of course. DSC03818 just struck me funny though. It's the little lamb and he looks like he's just laughing and enjoying life. The moon picture and all the scenery ones actually are cool. This was way too tough of an assignment Erin!
Robin in MN

Jenni said...

There are too many good photos to choose just one. Here are my five faves, but I marked probably five more in my Flickr faves.

Miss Shannon said...

Wow... There are so many amazing shots I have a very hard time choosing. I love children, animals and the farm... you have a gift... so here they are . in no particular order.

Of your son in the John Deer hat, because it makes me think of my boys
The calf in the straw... picture of innocence
I love horses
Daughter in bonnet in the wheat... more innocence pictured
DSC02703 & DSC03939-1
Capturing our heritage in buildings
An excellent shot of an airplane

I could pick many more but those are my top 7. Congratulations for making it to 200 posts... you inspire me to do reach the same. Blessings...

Stacie said...


This one makes me think most of your area -- beautiful, remote, and simple. :)

Jan said...


I knew immediately which one I like best. The colors and the composition are outstanding! You have so many wonderful photos!


The W.O.W. factor said...

WAYYYYY too many good ones, but going for my all time fav

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Seriously?! You totally could not have made that harder. I wrote down 6 before I just gave up as a lost cause...So here are the 6:

Star said...

I vote for DSC01899b, the up-close shot of the horse's nose against the sky because it's so evocative of so much that is country life, it's an "Awwww" picture, and it has a refreshingly unusual angle. It was hard to choose. Great photos, thanks! Congrats. This is a great blog, which I recommend to my ESL students. P.S., sewing is fun and handy; even if you never have enough time to be able to sew kid's clothes, it's great for quick fixes, kitchen curtains, making carry-alls with the just right pockets for YOU and the like.

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