Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sometimes Country Life Stinks

One of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere is that in the evening, when the sun sets and the cool breeze blows, you can throw open the windows and listen to the frogs in the pond. I look forward to this time in the evening when I can freshen up the house with cool country air.

Except when the air is not so fresh.


Then I spend the evening attempting to douse the odor with various weapons.

So tonight, my house smells like apple cinnamon lemon fresh clean linen spring rain skunk.


Mama Bear said...

Oh dear. Heehee.

You seem well prepared though - have you tried simmering vinegar and hot water (1 tbsp to 1 cup water)?

I think I might take the bad with the good smells, if I could just live on a farm in the country!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Skunk smell blew into your home? Lemon essential oil works great when put into a spray bottle with some water but that might be hard to get so far out in Montana. Vinegar is a good deoderizer. You could try simmering a small pot of water on the stove along with a bunch of cloves, & cinnamon sticks, that works well too. Hmm.. No tomato spray? Hehe, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

For such cute animals, they sure do smell bad!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! That smell HURTS. Last winter when we lived in the country our dog got sprayed in the face and ran into the house before we realized it. He sneezed every last drop of skunk spray on the couch & rug in our living room. I'd never smelled skunk up close before; just passing by on the hwy, but this, woah, this was a Painful smell. I guess I'd closely relate it to burning tires? Every window open (20 degree weather!), every candle, every product - Nothing masked it. On the upside, I got new furniture! GOOD LUCK! :o)

Jenny said...


That happened to us once, right after Jeff and I were married. Problem was, I had a really bad head cold and couldn't smell it. But when I went to work, my clothes were very skunky and everyone THERE smelled it (I had no idea!).

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

So sorry!

A coworker had an incident where a FAMILY of skunks got into their crawlspace and would hide in the heating unit...

Dawn said...

When I was in high school, a skunk had sprayed our trash. I carried the bags to the curb - thinking a skunk was nearby (based on the smell) but not realizing that the bags I was handling were dripping with the YUCK. After I went back in the house and realized the smell had moved indoors with me, I did what any blond would do without thinking it through... I smelled my hands. Then threw up. I didn't go to school that day.

Julia in Sweden said...

I hit a skunk with the car when I was visiting my uncle in CA. He poured ketchup on the wheels. But I guess that pouring ketchup all over the house isn't an option?
JK, I feel really bad for you. And yes, outside smells is definately his job.

Star said...

Am heartily enjoying your web site, lovely, well-thought and well-written. I have visited Montana several times to see relatives, and love it. I'll visit your site, again, and thanks for the breath of "fresh" Montana country air!

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