Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin

I think that Sarah Palin and I would probably get along pretty well. I think she's guided by her principles and not her political motivations, and her principles align fairly well with my own.

I think the argument that she is not experienced makes her more appealing to me since it seems that the longer an individual is in politics, the less true he or she usually becomes to his or her true self.

The video making the blog rounds in which she admits she doesn't know the daily duties of the VP doesn't shock me. Does anyone know the daily duties of the VP aside from those who have held the office and those who assist the VP in some capacity? Her job at the time of that interview was to be the governor of Alaska, not to study up on the daily life of Dick Cheney.

The critics who maintain that she isn't well versed in Iraq have obviously overlooked the fact that her son is headed there very soon. I'm sure she is well aware of the circumstances.

She appears to be an intelligent, articulate, and tenacious person who is not easily intimidated. Those are good qualities in a public official.

But every time I see a picture of her beautiful family, I cringe.

I can't help but think of that little baby whose mama is so very busy. I can't help but see those young girls who probably have a difficult time reserving a slot in their mom's day planner.

How she balances her career and her family is entirely a personal matter, I know. I would not want anyone to judge me for my choices regarding that matter.

I will vote McCain/Palin. I do not agree with the entire platform, but the alternative is so divergent from my own beliefs that it is not even a consideration.

And even as I cast my vote, I will wonder about how she will do it. How will she balance her marriage, her girls, and her special little baby's needs while she maintains the schedule of the Vice President? How does she do it as governor? I find it difficult to imagine the choices that she must make.

As a mom of four, I'd like to sit down and ask her about it sometime. We don't make moose stew very often, but I have served elk steak to company before. I think she'd like it.


ZenPanda said...

The VP has daily duties? I assumed he hung out and watch TV in the White House waiting for something to happen!

I totally support McCain-Palin. I have fallowed her as Governor of Alaska & I know that she is a very capable person.

I bet she would enjoy a sit-down with other mothers.

Anonymous said...

I think its great you gave voice to your vote. I think some bloggers are afraid to say one way or another for fear of losing (or not getting new)readers. We're a Christian conservative military family. So McCain/Palin gets our vote too.

I do wonder how she'll do it all, but I think she's got a great team behind her and that they're operating under the "good of the many" philosophy. Still as a mom, I don't think she'd let her kids slide and I'm thrilled that she'll be bringing special needs kids issues to light.

Got a recipe for that moose stew? I bet my husband would be a big fan and I'd love to try something new!

Kath said...

You wrote that so well. I have the very same thoughts as you.

Ann from Montana said...

Another McCain-Palin supporter/voter and Republican here. And similarly, while I don't agree with all, I feel a sense of integrity in both and trust that both will do their best for the U.S.

However, I also wonder, how Sarah Palin can do it all - and especially from D.C. vs Alaska. It appears she has her family's support - I hope she does and that they weather this exceptionally busy and challenging time - the children, the marriage, the family...

Jenni said...

The biggest thing McCain had going for him IMO, is that neither extreme seems to like him much. Palin is more conservative, but I agree with what you've said here. Her inexperience and the fact that she is not fully entrenched in Washington politics makes her an extremely attractive addition to McCain's ticket.

I don't know what the Palins' plans for making this work for their family are, but it seems dad might be home with the kids. Many families don't have the benefit of even one parent home full time. Plus, I'm sure they will have access to more and better help for their baby than most families with special needs children have. I think with love and care they can make this work.

I'm just so sick of politicians. Palin seems less like one of them and more like someone who is not afraid to stand for her principles and against corruption even in the face of opposition. We don't need more politicians, we need more Mr. Smiths. That is what excites me about Sarah Palin. I hope Palin is one of them and I hope that she can take on this job without it being to the detriment of her family.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that would get me to vote McCain/Palin is if I knew something incapacitating would happen to McCain within days of taking office. Based on her record, I would trust her. Based on his, NO WAY JOSE.

Since I am also accountable for my vote before the Lord, I cannot simply vote for the "lesser of two evils." I'll probably be voting for Ron Paul (even though he's not running anymore) or Robert Barr.

Bill Harshaw said...

(I'm an Obama supporter.) I tend to doubt the opposition you pose between "principles" and "political motivations". In a different world we might see politicians as "mommy" figures, always torn between allowing the kids to lick the bowl and making them wait until after supper for their desert. No reasonable person expects a mother to live up to some apple pie version all the time, nor should we expect any politician (of any party) always to adhere to "principle".

Prairie Chick said...

finding it interesting to follow all the american bloggers political musings (being a Canadian myself). I was directed to a newspaper article on Palin after the birth of her littlest blessing. I was blessed by the words shared by Palin and her husband but also couldn't help wondering how on earth people do jobs like that on top of being wife and mommy. Certainly they must be freed up by helping hands that I don't have, but still, just the heart work, never mind the housework, is mind boggling. Bless them as they seek to be effective in their many roles. I don't envy them but I do admire them.

Mzzterry said...

After hearing today that Bristol Palin is five months pregnant at 17, your concerns about how she finds time for her children seem to be very timely. I am not in anyway condemning Sarah or her daughter, but time spent with your children is invaluable in these matters (just my opinion!).
I will, however, be casting my vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. It is her personal choice to have such a full plate. God bless her.

Jen said...

I've been finding myself torn lately with my first I was an Obama supporter then possibly Bob Barr, but do I really want to "throw" my vote away? Now that McCain has selected Palin I'm leaning more Republican. I really can't stand McCain but hope that possibly Governor Palin would be able to influence some sort of sanity to our insane government.

Just because Bristol Palin is pregnant doesn't mean that her mother didn't spend time with her or tried to teach her good morals and values it means that at the age of 17 Bristol made a choice that has affected the rest of her life. How many of us haven't make a choice, whether it be good or bad, that has affected the rest of our lives? I know I have and he will be 21 years old in 16 days in the same year I am 38 years old. At the age of 17 I made a choice that no one close to me could have talked me out of I thought I knew what was best for me at the time. Today my feeling is the good Lord placed this child in my protection for a reason.

I'm glad that Mrs. Palin voiced her family's situation right off the bat and I'm hoping she will be a supportive mother/grandmother and will be there to love and support her daughter/grandchild without condemnation. There are plenty of "good" girls who have a stay-at-home hands-on parent who have been "stars" in school who have gotten pregnant and some who have done dreadful things to those infants after delivery just so they could keep their image untarnished. For the public to assume that Bristol got pregnant because her mother was too busy to spend time with her is not fair. Also if the public is going to use a teen pregnancy to sway their vote then our country is in even more trouble then I thought!

Anonymous said...

Well said.. I'm glad he picked her.. I'm not 100% sold on McCain, but I agree with more of what they are for than Obama.. So, they'll get my vote..


basebell6 said...

i'm voting for her too

Anonymous said...

McCain is definitely a lot more liberal than I'd like (I was hoping for Huckabee) but with his choice for Palin I am more than happy. I too am attracted by her "inexperience" in Washington. Good for her! We need REAL people in office, ones who know what it is to be with family and love them, who grew up in small towns, who have worked hard to earn their way instead of having everything handed to them on a silver platter. I am definitely voting for McCain/Palin. I know that while she will have a hard time with family and her schedule, I know that God will help her and their family.

Big shame on the media for dragging her daughter's choice in to the politics. She should have a right to privacy... She is not in this race. And yes, she made a decision that will cause her to grow up fast but I know plenty of children who have made similar choices and come from family who loved and cared for them 24/7. As parents we cannot control everything our children do... They've got to grow up and spread their wings, unfortunately some do it quicker than others regardless of their parent's teaching.

Carla said...

While I agree that the time or lack there of that Sarah Palin spent with her daughter had little to do with her choice to have sex, I do think it reflects on Palin's belief in abstinence only education and proves that it does little to prevent teen pregnancy, even in her own home.

Personally, I will not be voting for McCain/Palin. She spoke very little during her address at the RNC of what their platform is, which disappointed me. Instead, she spoke a little about her family and job, and a whole lot about her opponent. But, it is the fact that she is completely anti choice that turns me off. Add in her environmental beliefs, and it gets pretty scary.

Julie said...

I am very pro family, which is why I would never vote for Palin.
She represents much of what is wrong with today's children... greed before all else. Drill, baby Drill? Parent, baby, parent. A 4 month old needs to be bonding. If VP was her dream, she should have given him up for adoption and married a man committed to family enough to give up his career for hers. Condi Rice, gave up child for career. Hillary daughter is grown. Palin situation, another story. Also, she has left special needs kids in Alaska fighting for scraps.
& McCain!! Dumps his wife for a rich woman 18 yrs younger. ugh. gross.

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