Friday, August 8, 2008

Just To Be Clear

I didn't take that picture of the skunk.

After reading the blog post this morning, my husband turned to me and inquired, "If you got close enough to take its picture, why didn't you shoot it?"

I did not get close enough to take its picture (nor would I have wanted to be that close).

I would not have shot it so close to the house, either. He did that once, and it smelled skunky in my yard for the better part of three months.

However, I am getting desperate. This skunk business has been going on at least twice a week all summer long. The critter apparently pops in for a midnight snack, and when the dog surprises him, he retaliates. I'm guessing that's what took place last night, because when my five-year-old and I were on the four-wheeler with the dog this afternoon, we both smelled a little skunky after a few minutes with our passenger.

I'm a proponent of traditional male and female roles, and this matter is clearly the responsibility of the man of the house. I take the diaper changes, late night vomiting cleanup, and toilet bowl scrubbings. Anything stinky that happens on the outside of these walls should be his responsibility.

Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you.. I always leave the bugs or such for my husband too!


Anonymous said...

Might the skunk's late night snack be the dogs dish of treasured food? An oppossum came to our door in search of the cat food. The cat dish no longer sits on the deck, but is out in the barn.

Anonymous said...

Hear,hear for traditional roles. Hear, hear for men taking on skunks.

Jenny said...

I totally agree. He should have to take care of it! (And hopefully he won't throw up the remark: "Well, I'M the one out there working and making a living so you can stay home" like mine likes to do if I ask him to do something he doesn't really want to do. He really wouldn't have it any other way, though).

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

No contest, no thought for this one except: Y.E.S. This is HIS party...not yours!! lol

Seriously, I am waaaaaaaay too independent upon my hubby and I know that. But having said that, I still think ANYTHING to do with a skunk......should not be in any way form or fashion delegated to me.

Wishing y'all a solution for the skunky problem!

Prairie Chick said...

hm... I'm a proponent of traditional roles as well, but in this household the middle of the night vomit clean up *thankfully* falls to the *other* sex I just don't (read can't) do vomit. It's not that I don't have empathy, but I would be empathically vomiting all the way to the bathroom myself.

Anonymous said...

We have lots of funny (now) stories about skunks. My husband shoots them, but the neighbor lady swears by a small trap, where the skunk can't raise up to spray, and then dunks the whole thing in a barrel of water until it drowns. Okay, maybe not the most pc way, but effective.
My cousin has a very funny story about trying to get a skunk out of a commercial greenhouse by putting a chunk of hot dog on a fishing line, and then casting it in front of the skunk and reeling it in to lure him out. At least you can keep some distance!
We've found that if you have chickens, they attract skunks.

BoufMom9 said...

COMPLETELY agree! You should not have to remove the skunk! PU!
While on vacation last week, we must've passed by atleast 15 dead skunks along the way. That is one of the worst smells ever!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

My sisters dog just ran into the ditch and brought her out a live baby skunk while she was walking the dog a few weeks ago. Yikes!

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