Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everything He Ever Wanted


My husband's premature birth interrupted harvest 36 years ago, and last night a cloudburst interrupted harvest so that he could enjoy a rare indoor birthday party. Usually his birthday is celebrated with a quick dinner in the dusty field; we felt fortunate to eat cake without the interference of bugs drawn to the light of the candles.

Of course, by the time the kids were done blowing out the candles for their daddy, the cake was drenched with saliva.

We ate it anyway.

It was chocolate.

Following the cake was the much-anticipated gift opening session. Riley presented his dad with a circuit board that he wired to play "Happy Birthday." Anna made several pink frilly cards and wrapped up the 2007 edition of the Cabela's Master Catalog (hardback edition). He was very surprised.

She also dumped a container of homemade confetti on his head.

I couldn't think of a thing to get him, so I gave him a card and a turkey dinner.

He didn't seem too disappointed. Looking at this picture, it seems like he has everything he ever wanted.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shane! Looks like he had a great time and the picture of him and the girls is priceless!


oceans5 said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!! That last picture is wonderful. :)

Dawn said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!

Looks like everyone had a great time celebrating!

Rose Davis said...

HI~my name is Rose and I have been reading your posts for a while now. I am a stay at home~ homeschooling mom of 7. I just had to comment on how happy your children and husband look in the photo! God bless, Rose

I am from Maine and I was just wondering what your chores and responsibilities were as a mother and wife living on a ranch. I have a certain schedule I stick to~i was wondering if you also had a schedule that you follow.

Julia in Sweden said...

Well, here comes a Happy Birthday from across the pond as well. Or "Grattis" as we say. Your husband looks a little like Tim McGraw I think, you lucky woman... And I have to agree, I think he feels like he got the world.
Bless you all

Anonymous said...

HAPPY Birthday! Your photos are just great and the birthday party was just perfect!


Mama Bear said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you guys had a good evening.

I agree with Julia - you are a lucky lady with such a good lookin' husband! ;)

Jenny said...

Awesome gifts! The best kind!! Happy birthday to your hubby!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That's precious!

My hubby is happy with food too--especially if it means cake and ice cream!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a wonderful day!!
That last picture is too cute!! Your husband kinda looks like Tim McGraw in that picture!! LOL!!

Halloween Kids Crafts said...

Happy Birthday. What an amazing picture of your husband with you girls. Something about children with their Dad always melts my heart. You may have only given him a card and turkey dinner but those are usally the best and most thoughtful gifts!

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