Monday, July 14, 2008

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy

for those who don't have to apply the sunscreen on four squirmy bodies every day.

Really, though, I am happy that we have access to swimming lessons only 7 miles away. When I was a kid, the nearest pool was 20 miles south, and we just didn't make it to lessons very often.

Watching the kids learn to love the water is gratifying.

Watching them learn to relax in the water is a relief.

And best of all, they have all graduated to the level of swimming in which I do not have to don a swimsuit and join them in the pool.

(By the way, thanks to those who suggested a sleeve for Riley's cast. I ordered one, and he was able to shower tonight. Up next: the pool!)


Pony Girl said...

I highly recommend it for all children! I will embarrassingly admit, that as an adult, I am still not a strong swimmer. Something I still need to learn!!
Enjoy the sun, and keep usin' the sunscreen!

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Dear Lord... swimming!! We are in the depths of winter here. Frosts and mists and very cold timber floorboards when one leaps out of bed. That water looks delightful.

Andrea said...

How great to have lessons so close!! They all look like great swimmers!!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the spray on sunscreen? I LOVE it. It has cut our wiggling sunscreen applications in third!

oceans5 said...

I really want to get my kids in lessons soon. Right now my girls use arm floaties and a ring and they can swim without me directly beside them but I still want them to learn to do it without the assistance of floaties. They love the water so I think they would do pretty well.

Adorable pictures. Glad your kids are doing so good in the pool.

Anonymous said...

I need to sign Kaylyn up for another round of swim lessons this year.. She had them last year, but I want to make sure she can swimm really well, since there are so many lakes and pools in our area.. Looks like the kids are doing great, to bad Riley had to miss them this year though..


Anonymous said...

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