Monday, July 7, 2008

A Sad Tale

Our camping location was the site where my family has been having a July 4 picnic for several generations. My grandpa remembers being there as a child, and nearly every July 4 of my lifetime has been spent in Sawmill Canyon in the Little Belt Mountains.

My kids look forward to the event with the same excitement I had as a child. They see their cousins, eat too much watermelon, and try to shovel in the homemade ice cream before it melts. My aunt takes them on nature walks. They roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the coals of a campfire.

And they fall off of trees and break limbs.

Their own limbs, not the tree limbs.

On Thursday night, our peaceful evening by the campfire was punctuated by a thud, a whimper, and a matter of fact statement: "I really didn't need for this to happen right now."

The person responsible for the thud, whimper, and statement was my ten-year-old. He fell from a tree and landed on his right side. He had some pain in his arm, but nothing was bleeding or protruding. I gave him a hug, some ice, and some Tylenol.

The next day, he was riding a four-wheeler and playing with his cousins.

The day after that, his arm was still slightly swollen, and I called the hospital to speak to a nurse. By that time, I had a hunch that it was broken. She advised me to splint it, ice it, and come to the doctor on Monday.

Meanwhile, I tried to prepare the boy for the reality of missing swimming lessons, which begin this week. He loves swimming. Our local pool opened last week, and he spent one afternoon there. Now he faces the reality of two weeks of watching his siblings take swimming lessons.

On a positive note, he loved seeing his x-rays.

His doctor masterfully handled the situation of an autistic boy with a broken arm.

And his cast glows in the dark.


Andrea said...

He is such a tropper to ride around on the four wheeler and all with a broken arm!! Tuff kid!!
I love the glow in the dark cast! Way fun!!

Jan said...

Lots of wishes for fast healing. I broke my wrist like that when I was about his age, but my cast didn't glow in the dark!

Dawn said...

Now that's one tough kid to keep on with the festivities with a broken arm. I hope it's a simple break and pray that it will heal properly and quickly so that he won't miss out on all the summer activities. They make a "cuff" (for lack of any other way to describe it) that can go over arm casts and still allow kiddos to swim. I've seen several kids using them already this summer. I asked one mom about it and she assured me that it really does work. So, give your family physician a call and ask about it. If they're not familiar, you might even want to try calling an orthopedic's office.

Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no.. Poor Riley.. I hope it heals nice and quick..


Julia in Sweden said...

But I read on the blog "Because I said so" that there is waterproof casts now so they can go swimming. But maybe poor Rileys break was different?
I'm sorry that he'll miss swimming lessons, but maybe he will use the time to take some more awesome pictures?
Hugs to you all

Train Wreck said...

What a kid! I hope he heals quickly! Summer is the worst time for a kid to gt hurt!!(For them) I'm sure he wouldn't mind if it had happened during school!! I have heard of a "cuff" (Dawn was mentioning)

ZenPanda said...

My son is jealous & wants a glow in the dark cast.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! I am sorry! (It's no comfort, really, but my 27 yo brother-in-law also broke his arm camping this weekend by doing a header off a motorcycle. And might I add that his 26 year old wife handled it way, way, WAY less maturely than your 10yo. :-D)

And in a side note I'm all giddy that I actually recognized the scenery of the Belts and now I want to go there to camp - minus my arm-breaking BIL and the drama queen.


Anonymous said...

Riley's growing up so fast, Erin! I hope he has a speedy recovery from the injury. Sounds like he handled everything a lot more mature than most men I know. lol.

Hugs........ jeanie

Jenny said...

Poor kid. But cool on the glow in the dark cast!!

Anonymous said...

Heal fast, Riley! My son broke BOTH of his wrists last spring ... yep, casts on BOTH arms! He used plastic "breeding sleeves", with rubber bands over the sleeves around the top part of his arms keeping them "closed", when he showered. Wouldn't necessarily advise that for swimming, but it sure did make showering a piece of cake! Don't know if you guys use those or not, but on our dairy farm, the sleeves my husband wears when he artificially inseminates the cows sure came in handy!

Kath said...

Wishing ya fast healing on the arm!!!! How cool is glow in the dark casts? My eighteen year old and all the casts he has had since Feb. never got a glow in the dark one. I never even heard of them before and we went thru ALL the colors available at four different clinics. Mayo Clinic in Rochester does not have them in the casting room we visited. So tell your son he is cool stuff!!

OK I now just realized that I have been around casts WAY TOO much this half year!!! haha

Colleen said...

Get better soon, Riley!

And, "suuhhhh-weeeeet" says cousin Brenna after hearing about the very cool glow-in-the-dark cast.
(Morgan doesn't think you could sleep very well with that cast, though ... you know, with all that light it emits.)

Hope it heals quickly!

ellie k said...

Riley, What a brave young man you are. You are so grown up.

Jenn said...

Poor thing. My daughter broke hers at the end of May falling off a horse. She was in a cast for 5 1/2 weeks ... but, we had it waterproofed and she could swim, shower, get wet ... it didn't matter. I think it set me back 20 bucks! Definitely something to look into. The only down side, to me, was that when she swam, the chemical in the pool altered the coloring in the cast, it faded and somewhat yellowed it.

Happy Mommy said...

How cool a glow in the dark cast!

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