Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Sad Tale Continues

The Fourth of July weekend was not kind to our oldest son. In one thud, his summer dreams of swimming, motorcycle riding, and bumper cars at the fair were replaced with a chunk of glow-in-the-dark plaster.

He received more sympathy than you could possibly imagine.

After three weeks of itchy agony, he had a date with the saw.

He wasn't quite sure that he was happy about that.

He got to keep the stinky shiny cast as a souvenier. His mom was thrilled.

Alas, his summer fun is postponed for another three weeks. This time it's orange, and cousin Brenna had first dibs on the signing. His next date with the saw is five days before school starts. I think he's counting down.


Treasia said...

Oh bless his little heart. Did he rebreak it or just have to change out casts? A couple summers ago my step son had to have a cast as well. He cried about not being able to swim. We wrapped his arm in plastic bags and took him anyway.

ellie k said...

Oh Riley, You are so brave and grown up. I would have been scared seeing that saw, I guess thats how some girls are. I am so proud of you.

Jenny said...

The saw freaks me out! He's pretty brave!

Anonymous said...

Love his new bright orange cast.. To bad he won't get it off until it's almost school time again.. Poor guy..


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Riley. I'll bet he is counting down. Alyssa broke her thumb in May of '94 and had to have a cast up to her elbow. Her's were purple. She had a bad experience with that saw and has a small scar on her arm! That thing is hot when it's running and the nurse was none too gentle!


Anonymous said...

What happened?????How on earth are we go ing to be able to motorbike with that orange thing on your arm???? can't wait to see you!!

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