Sunday, July 27, 2008

Riskier Than Farming: Part 2

Last month, I posted about an occupation that is riskier than farming.

Last Friday night, I documented three more.

Bareback riding

Saddle bronc riding

Trick riding

These people are either crazy or incredibly faithful.

Of course, the same could probably be said about people who put seed in the ground and wait for it to grow in order to make a living.


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I saw that trick-rider's website -- she is amazing. Back in the day, when I was in high school, my friends had a trick-riding act (they lived in Lewistown) and I went with them a couple of times up to Canada. Good memories. :-D

Jenny said...

At least in farming there is less risk of breaking bones, but both pose the same risk of losing everything in your bank account. LOL!

Dawn said...

Crazy... but so much fun to watch, right?

Anonymous said...

What no bull riding?! lol I love watching them all ride, but they all have to be abit crazy to try any of it!


Stacie said...

Oh my. Do they still dive horses off of platforms into pools like that one movie? :)

Andrea said...

Holy Cow those trick riders are amazing. I saw some not too long ago and they were amazing. Some were 12 year old girls!! They are so brave. I have a hard time just sitting in a saddle let alone hanging off of the side of one.

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